Sunnyvale home shatters record with enormous price tag

The small, unassuming home in the Cherry Chase neighborhood was on the market just two days before it sold for $2 million, a whopping $550,000 over its asking price.

In this red-hot real estate market, the price tag barely caused a stir. What did was the other number that turned the home into another Bay Area record-breaker: It sold for the highest square-foot price recorded in Sunnyvale — a stunning $2,358, according to MLSListings, which tracks homes sales going back to 2000.

When Larson put the Plymouth Drive house on the market on Feb. 7, he asked for $1.45 million and assumed his client would get about $1.6 million. The next day, he opened the house for a realtor tour so the community’s agents could check out the property and determine if it was something their clients might want. It generated a lot of interest, Larson said, with some agents indicating they had buyers willing to offer as much as $1.8 million.

Friday morning, a realtor called Larson and told him she was sending over an offer. Larson told her his client wasn’t accepting offers until the following Wednesday, but the persistent realtor refused to take no for an answer and sent her client’s offer that afternoon.

It was too tempting to pass up — $2 million, all cash, closing in 10 days. The seller was shocked.


:scream: :scream: :scream:

Huge FOMO play by the buyer. Hope it works out for him/her in the long run… :rofl:

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This one is not selling through and had to reduce price. I know location is much worse than cherry chase.

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Street too busy!!! :sob:

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Fair Oaks is a super busy street. Also 94085 is not nearly as desirable as 94086, or 87.

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2 years from now when even fair oaks sells for 2m you guys will cry your eyes out. :smile:

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Already crying eyeballs out… could have had it for less than 500k 6 years ago… :sob:


SFGate is reporting on this one too…

Yeah. I’m doing the same here. House went up for $2M in my neighborhood. $500K in 2011. I think they did add 1000 sq ft, but…

Santa Clara will be this crazy hot in 2 to 3 years. What’s next?

East Bay. Antioch is at the end of the rainbow. :rofl:


@manch you are so full of money, you vomit in green :wink:

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What a snob. You are not living in any kind of a posh neighborhood right now so you don’t really have a right to vomit… :rofl:

@wuqijun, @manch You guys get a second chance!

That one is for @manch only… :rofl:

Favorited it. Let’s whether it can fetch the same high price.

Good night or good morning?