Sunnyvale rocking the overbids

I succumbed and made a new thread.
This one went 650k over asking, 340 favorites on redfin.


Ok, you in charge of all Sunnyvale overbids…

Do we think this is high asking price:

Yes. All schools are bad in that zip and sq footage of 1000 is less.

yeah… Not a great place in Sunnyvale.

Minimum selling price in Cherry Chase/Cumberland neighborhood is 2M. Amazing appreciation in last 1 year.

Price reduction! Overbids no more!

Although I think the ask was a bit on the high side given the dated interior.

Good sized lot though but that pool is a negative for me.

Yes, too high.

The practice is to list low and let suckers bid them up.
Along the same street, one smaller house sold in Nov was listed at $2 mil and sold for $2.6 mil.
So this house should list at $2.1 mil.

This one in Cupertino is listed remarkably low. You would think it should go for >2.7m for an almost 4000 sq ft house. So are we going to see a 800k overbid?

Says it sold Nov 2017 for 2.3M? Didn’t find the old listing but assuming they did decent updates, this is going to see a solid 800k overbid :stuck_out_tongue:

look at this one.

Paid so much for so little… :sob:

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I saw this on my feed today too. Don’t know what happened here.

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Feel the same. 848 sqft on a 6000 lot… old photos?

This is the going rate I suppose. I’m under contract with a WSJ home, and considering the price I had to pay for that one, the price for this one is justified… :nauseated_face:

Perhaps, you should buy in 95014.

Is this your home? This one could sell for 3 million if you put it on the market.

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What. The. Fuck.

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What? You still haven’t found your home yet? come on!!! :scream: