Sunnyvale skyrocketted again (Mercury News)

There are “fundamentals” for SFR pricing? Can you elaborate?

Even worse return though.

No need to elaborate. He just meant that there are much better deals elsewhere to be had.

But he can have all the glamor for owning PA without being insinuated as the dope of the century on the news.

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Isn’t that how prices move? Once 94087 prices are close to PA people will find PA a deal & then PA prices should regain their lead

Why do you think that Splunk sucks? There are not many alternatives to what they do.,pf_pt/house_type/19623080_zpid/54626_rid/globalrelevanceex_sort/37.35262,-122.040559,37.347673,-122.0494_rect/16_zm/1_rs/

This house in same zip code, similar size, ok condition. So a confirmation of the price?

I suspect albion is getting some road noise from 85, though.

Albion is pretty close to South Los Altos so geographically the hill views are better and close to the Stevens Creek trail.

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Initially, I thought this is in Sunnyvale side, but later verifying google maps, it is in Los Altos side (west side of 85 Hwy) which is desirable than east side.

On any case, looks to me they paid premium price as I am not in favor of electric lines and stevens creek backing the home. One flood causes 50k-75k easy claim.

I just think they are overhyped. How useful are those “machine intelligence” data they provide? Stocks did nothing for 3 years and then suddenly spiked up since around September last year.

Exactly. It’s like spending big $$$ to buy a souped up Toyota. May as well spend a bit more and upgrade to a Mercedes.

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This one is in Los Altos proper and not moving. Maybe @tomato can make an offer for 3.5 and grab it. That’d be a much better buy than the Sunnyvale house.

South los altos - not really my place (yes, we are picky, i know). But I agree, much better buy than Sunnyvale place. Fremont is a busy road, so i assume home is getting some noise, but Svl was next to 85 too.

What’s wrong with South Los Altos?

We had mostly been looking north (and could not afford, clearly), i hear that’s the better part of Los altos (and friends buying there etc).

South Los Altos goes to Cupertino Schools district. Some folks like Los Altos Schools district , it is personal choice

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This house belongs to mountain view high.
One of my friend lives close by and this is very nice area although it is almost at the boundary of mountain view. The other side of Grant road LA is better but i would rather buy this one than any MV or SV house.

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Lol. this is not a great idea. mtv has some good areas :slight_smile:

Like Jane said, this location is too good and desirable location. I felt the same yesterday, but did not respond as you down-voted this home already. Above all, this is single story home, always attractive with premium rate ($/sqft).

Any way, it is up to you to decide !

Im a person of two stories. If i get old, can always move master to downstairs :slight_smile: