Sunset House Not Selling

@sfdragonboy, this house is on 28th Ave, asking for first $1,399,000, then $1,488,000, now back to $1,388,000. No taker. What’s wrong, master of the 8’s?

Half a block from Judah, too noisy for the price.

It’s pretty much in the middle of the block so that should be far enough away to not hear or feel the noise. I had a buddy whose house was 2 houses over from the corner and yes you felt/heard the train every time it rolled by, and it didn’t really matter if you had the windows closed or not.

Pricing seems appropriate for what we have seen in the past, but maybe we are hitting that point in the market when everyone is not going hog wild on a fully guzzied up home at full retail price(?). Maybe we got jaded, thinking every freaking Sunset house has to sell regardless of price? No, the Sunset is not “overrated” though…

I went to an open house in central Sunset some odd years ago that was also half a block from Judah and every time the train passed by the noise was apparent.

Ok, so that would do it for anyone. Same thing with certain spots in SSF with the planes overhead…you couldn’t give me the darn place

What time does the train start rolling? 7am? 6am?

Well, I take the L a lot, so at least 6:30am. Probably before 6am, just longer interval between trains I imagine…

No wonder this didn’t sell! OMG, our Sunset is a “relative haven” for Trump supporters…:slight_smile:

I don’t blame you if you want out of the Sunset and the fab 7x7 @manch

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Looks like a lot of them are in the Parkside area. Are you sure you are not secretly a Trumpster?

I suspect a lot of the SF Trumpsters are Chinese, if my WeChat feed is to be believed…

I think you mean many SF Chinese are Trumpsters :slight_smile:

Why buy that one, when you could have had this one??? Cheaper too. Sold 40% above asking!!! I tried to go look at it but didn’t meet the cut-off time. Side by side garages, baby!!! (Yeah, you cats in the burbs may be laughing but we in da city are lucky to have a one car garage or back to back one if lucky…)

OMG, if you check out the Top 10 Overbids, look at how many are in the Sunset or Parkside neighborhoods! Seems like the sweet spot is around that 1.3M for decent ones…

Uh…no, I wouldn’t buy this one. Right in front of a Muni bus stop.

Great for rental - so easy to hop on the bus and get to work and back.

I would only buy rentals that I myself wouldn’t mind living in, but that’s just me. I lived near a Muni stop once before I bought my primary and there were noise issues as well as random people hanging out within steps away from your door. Not a good environment.

I have the same rule. So far it’s been working great for me.

Well, it is the 7 line at least (not some rumbling street car on old tracks) and the bus comes up along the short side of the house. It is a nice one. I certainly would have looked at this hard if I were buying my first Sunset home. No bus stop I am thinking topping 1.5M easily.

Another Sunset house not selling.

This one even has its own in-law unit with separate entrance. 3/3/1550 asking for 1.16M.

So maybe Sunset is just not that hot as someone makes it out to be… :smiling_imp:

This house is on the same street as the other house AND steps away from Judah. What’s worse, no garage…

Edit: apparently there is an alley in the back to the garage. Still suffer from noise pollution though.