Teach Johnny To Pick Up A Hammer

Were you born here sir?
For what you mumble, I don’t think so. Being called, or call some other people lazy, ignorant, dumb, etc. are the traits of knowing the fruits of the first amendment.

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While you simply cannot call all Americans “lazy” and whatnot, I agree there is something to be said for immigrants and a willingness to take on hard work. Having to make it on your own can add motivation and drive. Not only that, but being in a totally different environment with little to lose can also free us to try new ideas we mightn’t ever have considered back home.

One of the most enterprising people I ever met was on a visit to Romania. When we got ashore at the lakeside, we were introduced to a man who served us a plate piled high with super large sauteed snails, among other delicious food. While chatting, he explained that the snails were a special breed only found in this lake, to which he had exclusive rights to harvest all the seafood found. Not only that, he farmed the reeds there as well to be used for thatched roofs as exports (apparently sought after in parts of Europe). He also owned the resort, and other real estate. These businesses he grew over the years following Ceaușescu’s autocratic rule (marked by pervasive cult of personality) and subsequent revolution.

Before that, he spent some years in the USA (SoCal) working hard - as a plumber.

I think I didn’t make myself understood. I was referring to an incident, a conversation I had in Visalia years back where this rancher was telling me of such attitude.

Yes, I believe that for those complainers on either side of the aisle, they need to go back or visit a third world country, sleep there for a month or two, live like they live, suffer the way they suffer and grab their kids and make them walk the walk of those poor kids walking an hour or two to attend school. They will return with a desire to make most of the little things they have in this country.

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I think I did (after reading carefully). You meant something like:
“Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes." (Right?)

That way, when you do criticize him, you’ll be a mile away and have his shoes.” ~Steve Martin :smile:

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Indeed, the poor guy was so upset his kids broke the tradition of working on the farm even on vacation time. Nope he said, as soon as they come, they grab the cars, and out they go to parties and some to get stuck on playing games.


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If houses can’t be built fast enough, then prices are going higher. It could prevent the sort of over building that creates a nasty hangover when the economy slows down.

I am thinking that is the crack in the door for prefab construction to come in and be more common if less construction folks around. Just like how it is reported in Europe.

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Exactly… many ways to skin a cat. Plumbers, electricians and contractors especially are not cheap…don’t I know it!!!


I recently got a bid of $7k to waterproof 200sf of wall…Digging $1000, backfill $3000, Waterproofing $3000…I hired a $12/hr guy…It will cost me $300…Same with painting, bid $14k for 2300sf house…My cost $1000…Makes me want to get back into contracting…Contractors are making a killing…Good time to become a boat broker or bar owner… .When contractors get rich they blow it all on boats, booze and fast women…

Don’t do boats…some booze and sure if you put a gun to my head, fast women would be interesting. (Oh, nothing Sweetie, just me rambling with the boys again…)

Contractors are the modern cowboys…Instead of horses they have pickups…

Classic country Western song…

He had to drink a beer to keep his britches on his hips
I knew I had to ask him about the mysteries of life
He spit between his boots and he replied
"It’s faster horses, younger women,
Older whiskey, and more money"

Read more: Tom T. Hall - Faster Horses Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Maybe we will get back to $100 per sq ft… yeah, sfdragonboy is dreaming again

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Hey, a union apprenticeship program for that kid of yours…

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Big money in the trades…A skilled journeyman in the BA can easliy make $75/hr…Plumbers and electricians can easily make $100/hr…if they are independent contractors with tools and a truck…
$200k/year with 4 years experience…and a lot of it cash under the table. …who needs 4 years of engineering school…Some of the wealthiest guys I know started in the union trades at 18, bought their first house at 21 and were independently wealthy by 40…When I graduated in 1975 a plumbers assistant starting salary plus full benefits was $7/hr…I was paid $5/hr and had 4 years of college…4 years of no income…Those guys that were money smart were way ahead of me…At least the ones that bought real estate instead of cars and boats…

Yeah, you’re gonna get your nails dirty but definitely can work out for a youngster. An electrician or plumber is always needed…

Some trades you can work forever…My one friend who lives in a $2m house in Bernal heights, paid $100k 40 years ago, still works as an electrician at 70…mainly to keep his younger brother employed and to get union benefits…Electrical work is not back breaking and takes a lot of smarts…Never met a dumb electrician…The dumb ones get electrocuted…He also owns several apartment units in SF…hates rent control. Blue collar democrat, hates the city bd of stupes as much as I do

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