Teach Johnny To Pick Up A Hammer


I love painting now…I do my own painting with the help of my $12/hr helper…Together as a crew we are saving $100/hr…These are Tahoe prices…BA is much more expensive…Painters with contractors markup cost $50/hr each. …With the workers getting $25-35/hr…I will get out of bed for $100/hr…I will even come down to the BA and work for you all for $200/hr, including my helper…lol. More than I ever made as an engineer…I can build or fix anything. .But it is much more satisfying to work for myself. …No supervision, no rules and no clients…heaven…

Plumbers up here are billed out at $100-125hr… Electricians $75/hr-125…

Hard to find any skilled labor for less than $35/hr plus contractors markup


Desperate for workers, Colorado homebuilder starts a free school




Exactly why programs like section 8 are silly. Teach those people a skilled trade. They’ll make good money, and building more homes will help keep prices from increasing so fast. We should be giving people skills not making them dependent on vouchers.


I hear sonoma fires fueled the shortage.


There’s a national shortage too.


Millienials don’t want to be carpenters…Gen X neither…Almost all construction labor in California are latino immigrants and they are in high demand…Lack of apprenticeship programs means an extreme shortage of high skilled labor…


I was surprised that 40-50% of people that start an apprenticeship quit. It’s on par with the percent that start college and don’t finish. We have a generation of quitters.


I can’t fault them. new gen is all about informatics/computers/things.


There are many ways to skin a cat. Millennials need to understand that if STEM jobs ain’t in the cards for them for whatever reason an alternative is the trades. One can eventually be their own boss and make a nice living. My contractor went from poor renter to home owner with so much work that you can turn away my Big Bro’s SV cash. Sorry, Big Bro, he remembers who wrote the Immigration letters…


Trades can be learned on the job. Instead of $25b on the Wall how about $25b for low income housing… built by trainees. Solves two or more problems at once


Here I go giving out too much info, but my husband and I can build. We built our own addition except foundation, gas, and continuous gutters. Had an architect draw up with our own drawings and submitted to the city for approval. Took about 1 1/2 years because we were doing the work after our regular work hours. We also gutted and redone two kitchens (had granite work done though), 3 bathrooms,and 2 roofing jobs. Unfortunately, we are getting older so we may not be able to do what we did, but painting still no problem esp with our own house. Tile work, still can do - I lay the tiles and my husband cuts. My husband installed central AC with a help of our AC friend who came down and guided him on purchasing, moving the unit to the outside location, etc. I love doing walls - texturizing, etc.


or a football…


or a snowboard I guess…

Cha-ching coming for Miss Kim???


I bet she does better than Red. “Spicoli” Gerard.




Labor cost and lumber…



I am available…Have tools will travel…$200/hr, including my assitant…Can work five times faster than any millienial…loll