Teach Johnny To Pick Up A Hammer


What a shock…A place that treats builders worse than criminals and homeless people has a shortage of builders


Shoot, I don’t have access to this story but it sounds interesting…


Or, maybe not…


Uh, never mind Johnny, get your arse into tech and more tech!!!



So the drought is over? There’s plenty of water?


Uh no…send some down



"In fact, 91 percent of apprentices are employed after completing their programs. The average starting salary for someone coming out of an apprenticeship program is over $60,000. "

That’s better than the average college degree and without all the debt. The average starting salary for college grads is $49k/yr. I’m sure the 91% employment rate beats most college majors too.



A 4 year degree might enable you to startup a business thereby earning a couple of million of dollars to billion dollars.