Tenant partying loud , neighbors complaint

Hi guys,
Got some issue with the tenants, they sometimes party on weekend late and loud , drinking alchocol outside the house. Last two times i talk to the Property manager and they sent notice and spoke with them. and their lease ends in late aug, and few days ago we have sent them notice we will not renew the lease and they agree to move out. And last night they have party again and neighbor complaint and threatening to team up with other neighbors to sue me, I keep telling them multiple times they need to call the police if they make loud noise at night and they’re afraid of retailiation. So question is what can i do, and can these neighbors really sue me?

How about give neighbors your phone number? Ask them to call you if tenants party too hard and you call the police?

I don’t think they can sue you. You have been trying to rectify the situation. They may have a case if you did nothing and let the situation fester.

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They called me the next day or following week. I did ask them, but i doubt anyone would.
I don’t get it. why these people are all afraid to step up and call. I’ve called before and pretty much there’s no way for tenants to know who call the cops.
He told me i live next door, they will retaliate.

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Move back and retaliate if they sue you. :smile:

hahahaha, good idea. as long as it’s under $950, they cant’ do anything to me right?

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People too scared to call the cops are not going to sue. If they did you can soundly beat them in court. They don’t have a case.

Just have PM send a threatening letter to tenants every time your neighbor made a fuss. And document those letters carefully. You are already doing all you could.


Thanks manch, done that already, i think sent them letter twice, this is the third time. Can i end the lease early with all these complaint? i think now’s good time if can kick them out end of this month, july rent price better than late august.

No idea if you can evict them…

maybe really have to wait until end of aug then.

I thought in the standard lease agreement there’s usually a clause where the tenants can’t cause any nuisance to other residents and if they get three complaints over a certain period of time it builds a case for just cause eviction?

We already sent a notice to them not to renew(aug 20) and they came back they’re okay and will move out . But today got another complaint, so if go eviction process, how long does it take and is it worth it? or could we just ask them to leave a little earlier?


When you are firm on not renewing the lease, just tell the neighbors that the tenant was given notice to move out by Aug and they agreed to do it.

This may reduce the pressure as it has just 60 days.

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Yup. Already did. But it’s like they want them to move out asap since they continue to party. And when i ask them to call cops. They all afraid tenant will retaliate. If i call and they broke my window, u r responsible. And one of them is a teacher. This is why our country is getting so f up. Our kids are raised by these ppl.

Whenever tenants call me to complain about other tenants I tell them to call the cops. I am not their dad.
One time they both were calling me. And both called the cops. One had a baseball bat and one had a knife. The cops did nothing. I evicted both of them.


Ah… I thought of something. Maybe the neighbor are illegal. Maybe that’s why they afraid to call cops.

So if you evict the tenant and he/she destroys your house before moving out, is the teacher responsible? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As far as the eviction process goes, your property manager should have dealt with this dozen times before. Need to make their 6% worth it.

Just found this online (http://www.smclawlibrary.org/needhelp/Eviction.pdf). Might be useful for you…

Also your PM failed you by renting to these losers. Think about firing them too.

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I’m considering the other recommendation from the other thread . mona wu refer by elt1 Will contact them after this

Crazy. I’ve called the police on loud neighbors. There really is no way for the neighbors to know who called if you don’t go and show your face to ask them to stop the noise first. At this point, your tenant’s neighbors should call, but not complain directly to the tenant. Or better yet, do it execution style–everyone rolls a 6-sided die, and anyone whole rolls even calls. Roll odd, you don’t call. Then it’s random.

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They complaint to me.