Termites for newly bought house. What should I do?!


Hi guys! Long time lurker here (I read this forum almost everyday when I’m bored at work :laughing:). I truly enjoy the banter and off topic discussions between this tight knit community.

So, I just bought a house in Mountain View. All these old shacks seem to have termite problems and our house is no different. The Pest Report is quoting us $5.3k plus roof repairs. Do most people fix their termite problems before moving in? Also, should I get other quotes from other termite companies? If someone can recommend a termite company, that would be awesome.

Thanks for all the help. And the laughs.


Go for Fumigation. You need to remove all your items, dump some other place, dent the entire home, fumigate.

Read the report, look out for sub-terranian termites, treatment is separate,


The price range is more or less what i heard, might be standard. People i know do tenting before they move in, since it is convenient to do so

Congratulations, what neighborhood did you buy at?


No need. Only fix when you sell.


Apparently the previous seller didnt see the need to do so!


Yes, he sold at a discount.


You think so, but definitely not. Nobody puts their price with this in mind.

Oh im gonna bid 2.5m oh wait there is pest issue let me bid 2.495 said noone ever.


It’s the big picture. Final sales price reflects everything including every problem that is neglected.


Almost every place we put an offer in at had pest reports ranging from $2k to $6k. I think it is common to sell with the pest disclosure.


Thanks! I think I will full fumigate. Any recommendations on the company? South Bay termite did the pest inspection report.


Because these sellers don’t have top dollars in mind. They just want convenience.


They dont need to.
The ones that care do remodel. Most often they dont.


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