Termites for newly bought house. What should I do?!


I don’t have a target. Being rich is a state of mind. There’s no price tag to it. Amen :pray:


From what I know, fumigate only if the termite report recommends it. Subterranean termites usually come back after few years. There is really no need to do anything about them. You should certainly fix any damaged areas in the structure.


A philosophical question?

Is the goal of being rich satisfying in itself?
I mean will you be happy with just $25m. Or once you get there, will you need to make more?
There has to be more to life than just keeping score.
$10m or $25m net worth, what’s the difference?
Will your life change with an extra $15m that you will probably never need?

Most of us spend all our efforts trying to make it.
But when you do, then what?

Earnings goals are good. But you need to make plans on what to do with the money.

Travel? Buying toys? Fancy houses? Hobbies?

What is the end game?


World domination :smiling_imp: My end game is to be a warlord with a Harem which unfortunately can’t be fulfilled.
Keeping score of self-worth is an ego thing.


Sounds like a young mans fantasy.
For me I was thinking about becoming a farmer or a chef. Exploring creative outlets is satisfying.
George Bush got into painting. I am good at gardening and cooking. Too much work as a business, though. My dad just read books his whole life… Too boring for me.

Skiing and sailing are my favorite hobbies. Trying golf and fishing… neither excites me.

Unfortunately buying and flipping property is what really gets me up in the morning. I guess I will keep doing it forever. It is my hobby and my business.


I think with an extra $10M, you can support another wife. So $10M you can have one wife, but $20M you can have two, and so on… :slight_smile:


It is very common to have pest reports evidence, but it may not be real. Unless you really see pests issue inside home, there is no tenting required. It is up to your judgement/Confidence.


In one of my homes, they have reported pest and Subterranean (possibility very vague statements). Not tented, not fumigated as I was convinced false report, this is 15th year, still no issue. The owner has to really know the evidence of pests, otherwise waste of money. Of the 15 years of ownership, I have only one issue about Wasp Nests few years before that I removed.


You don’t even have one. Who needs two?
Put them to work and you don’t need any money if you play your cards right.


I think all houses in South Bay are infected by termites. So far, I fumigated them for peace of mind.
I realize so long the termite inspection find two separate incidents of termites, usually by observing termite faeces and exit tunnels, they would recommend fumigation. If found only one incident, then local treatment. I also realize that the inspector don’t care whether they are old faeces or fresh ones. That is if the previous owner did a fumigation but didn’t vacuum the necessary area and get those exit tunnels patched, your inspector report termite infection :slight_smile: for those old shits.


Would your Russian wife marry you if you didn’t have any money but “played your cards right”?


Use “costless funigation” in san jose most of the termite company actually sub it out to them

Good question byt @Elt1. T
he idea is to enjoy the journey everyday and not postpone it when the life energy is to the lowest. Just keep your books balanced with regards to work and hobbies. Every week they should be balanced. I try to swim almost everyday , hot tub and I wanna start playing badminton again on a regular basis.


Don’t break your bones :slight_smile: Too much running.


Buffett achieved 25m by age 39, and 100m sometime between age 47 and 52.

We are way behind. :cry:


How come it changed from Termite to Buffet wealth? Wrong post?


Thread got hijacked by @wuqijun to talk about money and women. :smile:


Why compare yourself to him? The richest person in the world? Aimed too high. Just try to get yourself into the 1% is good enough. If you think goal is too low, then challenge yourself to be in the 0.5%.


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Roof has termite?


One very common trait among people who hit it big: They aim unrealistically high.


Ok, now i want to be a billionaire.