Termites for newly bought house. What should I do?!



That also means sacrifice, including not overspending on your primary home and use the resources instead to generate more wealth.


You were saying tides were rising and assets and stuff. If that holds true, long term, it won’t matter no? :slight_smile:


Ok, if you can manage to purchase a primary home without selling any stock assets, then you can buy as expensive a home as you want.


Look if we are discussing the local housing maket , stocks and those famous shacks in SV then we are already the luckiest people in the world. 99.99% of your trajectory is decided where one is born. For example , there are still parts of the world where they are worried about a bomb blasting on them or the next bullet ( Syria, parts of africa, middle east ). So we should all take moments to be grateful


Aimed too low? Let’s not compare ourselves to Buffett but just by saying, oh, we’re already the luckiest and should be grateful just to be alive, will sap any motivation to move up.


Oh please :roll_eyes: