Tesla Bombed. Anyone Buying?


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If he was executing, they’d be making 5,000 cars a week not 2,000. If you did 40% of your job, would you still have your job?


But he still has his job. I don’t understand how come a ceo can underperform so much yet still able to keep his job… :scream:




From Automotive News:

It typically takes 30 to 36 months from factory groundbreaking to vehicles rolling off the production line, AutoPacific analyst Dave Sullivan told Automotive News.”Elon is over-promising and surely will be underdelivering,” Sullivan said. “I thought the Model 3 launch would bring out a more humble side of Musk.”

In September 2015, Volvo broke ground on its first car plant in the U.S., near Charleston, S.C. About 31 months later, it still hasn’t started commercial production on the S60 sedan.



He has a new flame, the flame thrower :smile:


It’s interesting, because Tesla is also going against the rest of the industry. Right now, everyone is scaling back car production for crossovers, trucks, and SUVs. Cars aren’t selling well with relatively cheap gas prices. Now Tesla is trying to ramp production of a small sedan at a time when consumers are going away from sedans.


Um look at jack Dorsey! Underperformed and kept 2 jobs!!


My impression is he’s taking this part over now and is going to manage it himself to get to a good outcome. I have many parts of my work, where I am the best at getting it done if I set my mind to it. For example, I’m an excellent recruiter and could probably be a great director or vp of recruiting. But it’s not really my job. If suddenly the company will fail unless we figure out hiring, I’d make it my job if I was the CEO! That is what he is doing. He is laser focusing on it now. He was distracted for a while by other things.


He’s laser focused on women. :scream:


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Gas prices have jumped a buck a gallon. When they hit $5/g electric cars will more attractive.


Even now, electric cars are attractive and economical. This is my fifth year with two electric cars. We take gas powered van for long distance travel only .

But, I am cancelling Tesla model 3 and buying bolt lease.


Tesla cars are death traps…


Why blame Tesla when it could’ve been wreckless underaged and/or drunk driving? Would it even make the news if the car was not Tesla?


wow… really?





Anyone watch Silicon Valley? They definitely made fun of Tesla’s delivery issues.