Tesla Bombed. Anyone Buying?

Here is another stock that is over hyped and overrated
Pushed by New Yorkers. They wait in line in NY big deal

They can’t even make 100,000 cars. 1.5M cars would require raising another $10-14B to increase capacity assuming they ever get to 500K cars per line as other car companies do. If they only get to 300K per line, then it’d take $20-28B more capital to make 1.5M cars a year.

They’ve already warned gross margin will decline to 15%. That’s barely better than Ford and GM. They aren’t revolutionizing the industry.

Already did… no one would be remotely thinking about driving an EV without Tesla.

I wouldn’t invest my life on a company that has had a rough start from the beginning. While the ideas they portrayed were good, time is of the essence here.

For them, to be the leaders of the pack, certainly are getting behind on production and that is not good for any company. You need to deliver immediately, or be advised that when you do the delivery, your units will be the kind of R&D from another company.

I worked as a production planner on RTPs. We dedicated long hours, unstoppable amount of $ and doughnuts and coffee around for everybody to enjoy and work. The machines would be shipped, and we wouldn’t hear from it for months, until it was returned for x or y motives. The machines were then dumped in the recycle pile after its important parts were taken off. It was like your girlfriend was dumping you.

That’s what’s going to happen to new owners of Tesla, it will be a prototype or a vehicle that will receive lots of changes to make the second “limited edition”.

Big NO.

On hearing that Trump/Rep removing $7500 incentives from EVs, few of my friends went to Chevy dealer and signed up for Bolt cars before the bill is signed.

Now, bolt has backlog of orders as many people booked them.

The probability of Tesla going down further is higher than going up. Tesla lost its Charm.

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So, instead of helping the economy we have a president creating chaos, people being laid off?

We are doing great people…just great!

Another tesla news:


I walked lasts the Tesla showroom last night. It’s gone. No we moved to xyz address sign or anything. That can’t be a good sign.

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Time for wuqijun and myo to defend their darlings. Normal FUDs or this time is for real?

I’ve been a Tesla bull and I think it will bounce back. But, I listed to company call and Musk and his CFO were being murky at best. They would pause far too long, clear their throat etc… not a good sign. I think there is more pain to come.

I sold all my TSLA, at good, down from spectacular, profit!

I want this company to succeed and am bullish on Musk but I think he is scared of releasing the bad news to public.


Why doesn’t Tesla dump the X and 3 and just ramp up a cheap version of the S, their only successful product?

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Well, if more companies are making way cheaper electro cars, will Tesla survive the competition with just a high end model? Tesla had to scale up in order to survive. I just don’t understand why Tesla is having so many issues producing the 3 though. One can argue they should be fairly seasoned now on the processes from making the S all these years. Maybe Tesla made the fatal mistake of expanding too quickly into too many other things (solar roof tiles, batteries, etc.).

Isn’t 3 cheaper version of S?

No 3 is a new car selling for more than used S
The 3 is still experimental… Much easier to ramp up a stripped down S for say $50k

Musk likes doing things the hard way… He doesn’t understand the most important engineering concept
KISS… Keep it simple stupid

As I said not long ago, those waiting in line for their cars are going to get a Yugo. :laughing:

Really, @hanera, you liked this post? What if you sold Apple at good but not spetacular profits back in 2008? Would you be celebrating today or crying instead?

You’re stalking my likes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I did sell many AAPLs at good not spectacular profits :cry: funded the purchase of primary SFH in 2007 with some sale of pretty AAPLs (+ sale of townhouse of course). Have I not sold, those AAPLs are enough to pay for current SFH (exaggerating :slight_smile: ) but current price is 6x of the selling price then. Quick back of the envelope computation… can buy 2 Austin SFHs with cash… house only appreciates 80% so I lose out a lot! Using the norm 20% down, gain is 4x still far less than 6x :disappointed_relieved:
I like the post because he walks the talk… don’t be sensitive :joy:

I also sold some Apples for no reason at 2008 at horrible profits because I was mad at the market back then. I was a horrible investor but an awesome rat racer. Now, I am an awesome investor who is done with the rat race… :rofl:

You should get married. My wife is truly the best thing that ever happened to me. If she says no to my money to UCLA (all to her), I will do it.

God, no food from her soon for 3 weeks…I am going to die!!!