Tesla Q2 Deliveries




That is not a good way to invest. Probability of Apple acquiring Tesla is very low because of the corporate culture set up by Elon Musk, too different. Also inconsistent with what you’ve said earlier,


I don’t invest in Tesla hoping for it to get acquired. I’m just listing this as one of the possibilities. Investors know very little about what really goes on behind the scenes but need to be optimistic of the outcome.


It is not about pessimism, but TSLA (or Elon Musk) needs to change its style to survive. Otherwise, this will become like another YHOO !

Tesla is a public company, profit motive, it is not a toy that Elon can play on his own Jerry Young style !

Existing R&D can continue, new design can continue, but following needs to be fixed asap.

  • Elon must promise what he can deliver in the time frame.

  • Lot of management issue due to aggressive promises of Elon.

  • So far, four people in my dept got bolt and all of them registered Model 3 when it was announced.

  • Think of a situation about 400000 people registered at that time.

  • I am confident almost 40% drop in demand as they would have moved away

  • Now, customers like me going to competitors like Bolt as I can not run my life without a decent car.

  • Management issues, firing, hiring, delays, cause money to company.

  • Elon (or CEO) must instill confidence with investors and Customers.

Once this is done, all bonds must be repaid by equity issues so that company gets profits.


If you haven’t worked in manufacturing anything, well, you just don’t know what you are bad mouthing.

Ford and any other company didn’t build factories first day in production. They started one car at a time.

Any company building anything has to start from the bottom up. Schematics, plans, scheduling, warehousing, shipping, receiving, stockroom, R&D, suppliers, buyers, and so on have to be set up so they then start to follow a pattern. It takes years for that to happen.

I was a production planner on RTPs. Rapid thermal processors. Even having all the blue prints and schematics, suppliers, etc, it would take a year to finish a project and then it would go to the field, sometimes to be scrapped.

That’s why I laughed at those expecting a car pretty soon.


Not inconsistent at all. I don’t think Apple can produce a car on its own but it can certainly acquire a company that can.


Wow… @buyinghouse to my rescue!!! :joy:



I’m against Apple becoming a driverless car manufacturer. Too much liability… should wait for all these to be sorted out first.


Bonds have fixed cash flow out, while equities does not necessarily cash flow out. This is what SHOP did, they paid all debt by issuing follow-on equity at $90 almost 500 millions. Now, they are debt free.


Dilution! Now we know the bottom is $90 :rofl: because so many xxx bought at that price. Now I know why the last drop is to $89.23, you should have told me that info… would have bought a lot more :disappointed_relieved:
Would be pissed have I bought at $123.94. Got to wait awhile for fundamentals to catch up.


That is why I was confident it will not go down below 90, trying to buy at 95.


I have worked 12 years in various departments of production, then software side.

Customers and their confidence is the last one any company/CEO can hit. Elon not only mismanaged his commitments, but also losing customers going to competitors.

Trump/Rep added fuel over fire by cutting $7500 incentive for EVs. As soon as my friends heard about this reduction, they went ahead with Bolt dropping model 3 ! Presently, all bolts are back-ordered in many California agents.

Musk is permanently losing customers.

What is the use of “Schematics, plans, scheduling, warehousing, shipping, receiving, stockroom, R&D, suppliers” when customers are going away !


you should have told me that info… would have bought a lot more ==> I have told in the thread many times, please review old threads.

[edit] Good google, easy to spot my own thread. Here is the proof


Might become bad news for Fremont.

Elon, stop this truck and Puerto Rico + Southern Australia battery & get the godda** Model 3 production up!!


That is why TSLA is volatile. If Elon changes little bit, promise and meet the promise, Company shoots high like bitcoin !


Shooting high levels like bitcoin means speculative frenzy. In that case would be a good time to sell, not buy. Time to buy is right now when there are seas of doubt and media doom and gloom (though reality might be very different from perception)…


Kind of euphemism for recovery, do not take that as speculative frenzy !

Time to buy is right now => Only when Elon rolls Model 3 on road, not now !


Now, either today or in a week or this month, is also the right to time to buy SHOP as it came/coming down !


You are right!!! Time to buy was 5 years ago when they were at like $30 per share. I wished it could fall back to that level so some of you guys could get in… but wouldn’t count on that happening!!! :laughing:

However, if bitcoin fell to even just 1 penny per coin I still wouldn’t be inclined at all to buy it though… :thinking: