Tesla Q2 Deliveries


Correct, for you, it is hold only, no buy/sell or any disturbance by volatility !


Oh gosh… what can I say I’m a dinosaur… oh it’s time to meet up with my new tenant to collect the security deposit… Good luck with bitcoin y’all but I’m just going to be laughing all the way to the bank with my rent money… :rofl: :laughing: :wink:


Just bought a Highlander 2018 SE. traded in the Prius. My BP stock dividends will pay for the gas… Electric cars and even hybrids except Prius aren’t worth the premium. Sorry but the Prius wasn’t cutting it in snow country… Electric cars are strictly for commuters in California coastal cities… Have little appeal in snow country…

Tesla is too far ahead of its time… Bankruptcy in 2019???


I wouldn’t count on that happening… However, a bitcoin crash into oblivion is more than likely when 2019 rolls around… :rofl:


IMO, Tesla will not file bankruptcy, but will make others bankruptcy. Innovation leaders are hard to break. Mismanagement is temporary that brings down the stock price, good opportunity for buyers…Almost all Tesla employees are working 24x7 last 18 months.


If Tesla employees are overworked why not contract out the work. Or JV with a company that knows the business…


I am not in the TSLA management to find resolution to their issues. Whatever I know, I am sharing the news.


The 1st 16 seconds talks of Musk and his BS.


I squeezed into the original roadster which was a lotus with an electric motor… They had to pull me out. It was a sllly toy for little people. The S is a nice car and fun to drive. The X has been a bust. And the 3 is a fantasy.
Too bad about Musky and his ADD. But if he could figure out how to make the S economically he could have successful car company…


I wish Model 3 succeeds for Fremont…, however… Musk seems to be distracted with lot of things at the moment.


This guy seems to be reasonably positive about the driving characteristics of the car. Starts @ 21:30


Wait. Someone was able to post a video review of it? I thought all the deliveries required a signed NDA? That should have been the first sign that something was off.


didn’t know about that…

I will wait for consumer reports for their review… which might take a long time to show up…


I do not have any doubt about model 3 or Tesla. Even though I registered two Model 3 and I bought bolt, I am not cancelling one, expecting the delivery time. If I get at least one Model 3, then I will think of cancelling the other. I just want to drive one Tesla.


Cha ching!!! Hoping for :dollar: :dollar: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: in Fremont… :slight_smile:


Crank it up Elon!!

there are – there have been 518,000 gross reservations for 3 and then we have 455,000 net reservations.


At 220 cars per month, that’ll take 2,068 months to build them or 172 years :slight_smile:



Hopefully the updated production numbers at their next event will change the story so far.


That’s fine… bitcoin is making me immortal so I can afford to wait that long… :laughing:


In stock market world, TSLA has 172 years order booked and unable to meet the demand !!! :rofl: