Tesla Q2 Deliveries


??? :roll_eyes:


Seems like a car I would LUUUV to own…


Ok, here we go… maybe it was that smooching with Amanda that got Elon going?


Model S - Top Gear UK


So, I met that kid last night again, and got confirmation that they have a ‘grave yard’ where all the wrecked builds go. The yard doesn’t grow as much as one could think because ‘they melt them down’. The actual term for the yard was something different than ‘grave yard’, but I don’t recall it. Also, it was shared that (at least the crew where this kid was working) had to walk past that wreck pile every morning, supposedly to motivate them.

I did not hear of any improvement in the production process.


Tesla needs some grizzly veterans… Too many new wet behind ears Pollyanna youngsters that drink too much of Musky koolaid


That sounds like issues making the body not with the battery. The tooling for body panels takes ~6 months to make. There’s a ton of science and art in how far you can bend the metal at each station. Auto companies have decades of experience at it. They are trying to do it with a special alloy. Good luck!





I would prefer a used S model


So much for the job creator and those dumb people supporting him.


Yea, it is getting closed, but with older Model S that are around 50K, you won’t get newer hardware for auto pilot. I think I would just wait for Base model 3 for mid next year.


3 users will just be Beta testers…Looks like a lot of problems not solved yet…
Can get a 2012 S for $35k


Here is a greedy fool for you…A 3 for $90k

Looks like delivery is happening…Lots of greedy people want to sell there place in line…



No!!! Already drove out factory door that’s automatic 30% discount!!! :rofl:


I went to see the one similar to the Lamborghini. About $90K. Either they lied to me, or they lied to me, but they assure me one of them by February.

I bought one of each just for the sake of driving one every week. :rofl:


I just hope they get to full production(from existing factory) before end of 2018(before the current big ones come to market with their electric offerings) & has great reviews(preliminary reviews confirm that), so that the stock shoots up. Bought at 65 and sold at 165 earlier. Now want to get back in again.


Why sold at 165??? You bought at great price!!! :wink:


Wasn’t sure where the company would be going in the future at that time. Unlike an internet company for a manufacturing company ramp up requires lots of capital and time, and there was no concrete talk of Model 3 at that time. Bought @early 05/13 and sold Sept-Nov 2013


Ok that was a short term profit strategy… Let’s try buy and hold…