Tesla Q2 Deliveries


Very nice problem to have… up up and away!!! :rofl:


Finally Tesla plans to delivery a product in millions of units: AI chip.


The chip will be another “production bottleneck” if they survive long enough to release future cars.


Are any 3s being made at all. Or is Musky putting all his cash into Bitcoins?
Only 440 cars in 5 months…battery issues??
He has been making battery packs for years…What is the real issue?


Um… why don’t you switch to the bitcoin bubble thread and start dissing bitcoin for a change? :wink:


You can build battery packs that fast by hand. It must be the actual batteries that are the issue.


So how come the model S didn’t have this issue? Were they building all the model S batteries by hand as well?


The batteries must be different in some way.


That can only mean that Model S has had this kind of issue as well at one point in time in the past which now has been resolved. Which means the current bottleneck with model 3 is also a temporary one and should be resolved in due time.


Yes, Model 3 is going to be delivered in 3-4 months timeframe. Additionally, TSLA is 20% below its max price. I am buying TSLA when it hits by $300 or by Dec 28 or 29th whichever is happening first. My aim is to measure TSLA growth until economy crypto crashes !


I am old and cranky… I dis everyone…I really want electric cars to succeed… But when Musky under performs it hurts the whole industry…


I have a friend that knows several people that work in the Tesla Reno battery factory…The Panasonic people are having a hard time ramping up production…They had to bring in Japanese workers to run the machines…There are language barriers and the quality of the local Reno work force is bad…Lots of drug use and people sleeping on the job…Bad management comes from the top…

"I work at the Gigafactory in Nevada, I can tell you exactly what’s causing the delays first hand. It starts with the location they chose to build the factory at.

  1. That part of Nevada has people who have been casino workers for generations, there’s no production or technical skilled talent within 300 miles.
  2. They built the factory in the middle of no where, 20 miles from the nearest city. Most employees are paid $13-$14 an hour. It’s not difficult math to determine your fuel and vehicle maintenance cost exceeds such a minimal income.
  3. There’s only a single highway on that 20 mile distance to get there. This stretch of I80 is notorious for being closed down for hours due to weather, brush fires and accidents. It was just closed today for over 6 hours due to a semi truck accident. Employees can’t get to work means production gets cancelled at least once per week due to I80 road closures.
  4. Despite Elon also owning Solar City, and the original plan to make the Gigafactory solar powered, that plan was permanently scrapped. Nevada Energy who supplies power to the factory has always been notorious for being extremely unreliable with major outages in the entire area constantly. Just a 3 second power failure, which happens there 2-3 times per week is an extremely major production killer to Panasonic who makes the battery cells inside the Gigafactory. The time it takes to get the equipment back up and running after even the slightest power bump is on average 6 hours. All battery cells produced for about 3-4 hours prior to the power bump also become worthless and must be disposed of. Millions of batteries end up unusable in the trash from just a 3 second power bump.


That’s what you get by optimizing for tax incentives alone. Sounds like they should have built the plant right here in Silicon Valley.

Hope Amazon is not making that same mistake in its HQ2.


Lol. I doubt it’ll be in the middle of nowhere in a city full of meth tweeters.

SV doesn’t have manufacturing expertise. It makes no sense to have a factory there. There’s a reason there are very few factories there. Even if you wanted a factory in SV where would the workers live? The lack of factory workers is because the K-12 education system is failing most Americans.


We are talking abbot Tesla. And Tesla just happens to have a factory in Fremont.

What do you mean by “manufacturing expertise” that we don’t have in SV? Nowadays manufacturing is not about banging metal and more about numerical literacy and engineering. We are the best in both, in this country anyway. Certainly better than Casinoland.


Tax incentives benefit a company long term, that is the outlook of a CFO and CEOs.

Same like Tax Incentives, labor cost, land cost and factory cost is very less when no one is around. Since Elon Musk has long term vision of producing cheap, he has envisioned Reno for that.

The current issues are temporary and soon Tesla will get away from it.

The factory cost savings and tax savings will reflect long term benefit.


Yes, there’s 1 factory in all of SV. If they build a new one, where are the people with manufacturing experience to hire? How will those people afford to live in SV? There are factories in South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, etc that are KILLING the line rate of the Tesla factory. They make 500,000 vehicles a year from one assembly line. Tesla is struggling to do 100,000.


I was at a party a few weeks ago and the host’s kid is getting a degree in engineering, and currently doing some sort of internship at Tesla. The story was that not the production line moves too fast, but some robot moves too fast and damages half of the vehicles that it’s working on. When I heard the story, I thought it did not sound like an insurmountable problem to have. The kid was not there, so I couldn’t ask for further details.



I am going to preorder one of Musky’s rockets. Can go to Mars with him . I think I will leave him there…lol