Tesla Q2 Deliveries


Tesla Model 3 drives from LA to NYC in record time


Aaah yes, Beanie Babies too…


heh, me too. but, we see errors of our ways faster.


Why wait for the 3model… Go for the best not the cheapest


There are different kind of leaders. The musk type leaders just set aggressive deadlines with the best intention to meet it. Most often they fail. But they do achieve quite a bit by that deadline. You can’t go to Mars, if you have easy deadlines.

The thing to note is that Model 3 was originally scheduled for Mid-2019. He pushed it back by 2 years to July 2017. Last week of December, they managed to crank out 1000 model 3s. So he is late by 6 months. But he is actually early by 1.5 years.


He has a great car…why ruin his reputation…Stick with super cars…Sell the 3 division to Toyota or GM


Damn. My car just got totaled today… model 3 not ready! Any suggestions?


Get a used S


you need a youxia X


For Lol: Go for roadstar early edition, I will buy TSLA by $300 :rofl:

For serious note, Tesla site will have available inventory cars ( mostly model S) list at site, you can choose one and delivery will be in days


Dang, you ok?


I personally don’t see the appeal of the 3s…They will cost $50k…anybody on this forum can afford the $60-80k S or a used one for $35k…Get one get it out of your sysytem…But if you want something cool and fast just buy the Nissan GR…Much more cool head turner…
My buddy took me up to 150mph on the San Mateo bridge…75-150 in 2 seconds…scary


New S $60k


I was eyeing the GTR at one point. The issue is you can only do the quoted 0-60 time in launch mode. If you use launch mode 3 times, then your warranty is voided. What on earth is the point of that?

If I bought an impractical car, I’d get a Porsche Cayman and turbo charge it. Porsche under powers that car on purpose, because the chassis design is superior to the 911. The Cayman is a true mid-engine car with a perfectly balanced chassis vs. the rear engine 911. The only way they can maintain the 911 price premium is to put a much more powerful engine in it. For $10k, you can make the Cayman beat any 911. That or I’d get a Ford GT just because it looks amazing. It’s super charged. You can add a turbo charger and get 1000 HP from it.


$111k for a 3 and he will take bitcoins…Greedy and stupid

Give him some Chucky Cheese tokens…wont know the difference



I would stay with a $30k Toyota Camry XLE, V6, 3.5L and 301hp.
Invest the other $30k in AAPLs.


Who cares about the warranty…By an older one out of warranty and put in a chip…increases HP from 600 to 900…
Can only drive it at the track
Unless you want to kill yourself…Cars are now super fast…I am too old to enjoy them…


While the GTR is top of the line, I am not impressed with Nissan build quality to date. I don’t have data to back it up but my impression has always been that for the Japanese makes Nissan is def not leading the pack on resale value. Buy a first generation NSX for some thrills, knowing that you should be able to sell it to me later at a profit once I move to a home with more garage space…


It is not about collecting or prestige it is about pure acceleration and speed. Toyota is not known for that.


Come on, didn’t you just get a Highlander??? :grin: