Tesla Q2 Deliveries


Living in SF? You don’t need a car. A bike will suffice.

If you don’t get run over! :smiley:


If you were to invest, follow the rules. No luxury until you reach the pinnacle. Keep your own beat up car, as many on this forum do. :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Exactly. I have become old and boring. The Highlander is basically a Seina minivan that looks cool. Boring but safe, reliable… Driving experience is totally isolated from the road. Unnerving. Feels like you are in your living room. Lots of great safety features like forward radar and swerve control.


At least that should be way more reliable than say a BMW or Benz SUV…


Toyota’s go forever. Just not exciting… even my Supra was boring compared to my Corvette


Oh, now you are talking…perhaps one of these???



I think it was 1989


Gosh, ok, I remember those. Those were the years of the Celicas right that were kinda boxy and came in a hatchback or trunk? Good times…


I had the removable top like the Corvette. Same color as the one I found. Probably should have gotten the turbo… needed more power…


One of the mistakes of any wannabe “future thing for all mankind” is to rely on R&D telling the manufacturing side of using unique parts thus the buying department spending $ millions on parts that as R&D dictates are going to be obsolete as the prototype of anything is built up.

I have a friend working for a huge warehouse. He told me they are holding for Tesla thousands upon thousands of “speakers” or something like that. I made a bet with him, I told him that if he doesn’t see those parts going into the dumpster one of these days that I will invite him to lunch.

So far, he has told me the parts haven’t been retrieved from the storage.


Here ya go… one with low arse miles sold for 11k…



General Motors (NYSE: GM) said it delivered 3,227 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States in December. It was the best monthly sales total yet for the Bolt – and the ninth month in a row in which the Bolt’s U.S. sales were up from the month prior.

It wasn’t America’s best-selling EV last month, as it lost out to Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) now-traditional quarter-end sales push. But the Bolt’s December sales were good enough to put it over 20,000 sold for the year – and enough to outpace Tesla’s Model X.



General Motors: 3.5% Yield, Dirt Cheap, Breakout Underway $GM




This is what elt1 was questioning me how TSLA is better investment than GM? Now, seeing 3.5% yield (76% payout ratio) and low P/E, I started thinking whether I can choose GM instead of TSLA…


Why not buy both?


I have always been a Chevy fan…Even had a Corvette and love the new ones…I just don’t think electric cars are as hot as everyone thinks…especially since gas is cheap…Plus I never invest in car companies…


TSLA is momentum stock, wild variation beta, while GM is stability, low taxed qualified dividend, low P/E…etc. Need to choose right one for long hold which gives better return for us.


You don’t have a crystal ball, despite all those hours you spent analyzing all these stocks. Someone who could care less with all those analyses could very well end up making much more in the long run.


In 2019 Corvette is supposed to come out with a mid engine…I think they should come out with an electric model, too…Might attract millienials instead old farts like now…