Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Elon should have pail 1B and walked away. He could have come back later indirectly to buy at a quarter of what he paid.
In the end, I do believe he will turn Twitter around and who knows given the moat around it, it may end up being the last man standing social media player and a huge cash cow and poetical force.

View of Uber bull from $400s till now. EM is so erratic now, I am wondering…


Market is Crazy!

My guess for the bottom Tesla 140

We cannot say anything as market is not in Santa ride. Even any jump here, suddenly, is a Dead cat bounce. Market has not bottomed yet. Until it bottoms, any company can be pulled down. That is the issue of individual companies, but not easy to pull down Index ETFs.


Using EWT, TSLA is retracing the impulse from mid 2019.
50.0% retracement, $213, broken down
61.8% retracement, $166, currently at this support
78.6% retracement, $98, if $166 can’t hold

What moat? There are now a b’jillion similar platforms. Apparently nothing Twitter does is patentable. Same with Facebook. MeWe uses an identical format. Too bad; I come here partly because this is well organized and easy to navigate. Not true of the continuous one-long-ramble threads Facebook and MeWe offer. And all the useless busy graphics.

Users - both people and businesses. And that too, high profile ones. Its network effect is much stronger than Fakebook.

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Get ready to STFR.

As pointed out by OptionsWolf above, re-bounce happened on the dot with a “surprise” upgrade…


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Updated on Nov 23, 2022. Wave II may or may not has completed.
The ‘chase’ premium for adding to S&P has almost evaporated.

Posted on Jan 2021.


That’s fine cuz Republicans love buying Tesla EV’s… oh wait.

Purchasing a product should be based on its desirability instead of politics.


Tesla team just completed a 500 mile drive with a Tesla Semi weighing in at 81,000 lbs!


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