Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Get out of urban centers and most Tesla chargers are vacant most of the time.


Full self driving.


Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software has been harshly criticized not as much for its performance but mostly for its name. Many argue that self-driving means the car drives itself, and adding “full” to its name is basically a guarantee that you don’t need to bother anymore. Taking the FSD Beta’s name too literally caused many crashes, some with tragic consequences.

For its part, Tesla makes it very clear that the system is not meant to be used without human supervision. Starting from the moment you enroll in the program, you have to agree to draconic terms of use, which are there to ensure Tesla is off the hook if something bad happens while the software is thought to be in control. Not only that, but Tesla changed the wording on its website to say that FSD Beta is a Level 2 driver-assist system, nothing more. Still, this didn’t stop people from showing off their car’s newly acquired superpower, essentially putting their and others’ lives in the hands of God.

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Because they will likely make more profit from upselling charging rates to other vehicles than they will lose in sales.

“When you compare it to the Mercedes, a Tesla feels like you’re in an Ikea,” Evans said. “The Mercedes feels like you’re in a private jet.”

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Tesla is a new car manufacturer. Having quality issues are acceptable. Such issues would decline as the company matures. Don’t be so picky. Support the climate change movement. Save the Earth.

Yee Long Ma
Uber TSLA bull

I drive and love my Tesla… but save the planet! Please…

model y vs merc eqs is like Sunnyvale vs Atherton :rofl:

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Except he was not comparing Model Y with EQS. He’s comparing it with Model X, a car at a similar price range as EQS.

Elon meeting with his boss.