Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Little Canoo EV, a fallen star since 2021, is up over 40% in the last two trading sessions.

Don’t think FSD is priced in. However, is the reason why I’m holding TSLA. TSLA is fairly valued now. If FSD level 5 is available, share price should pop.

Only for Cybertruck. Mount a machine gun on top of Cybertruck, it becomes a deadly infantry terminator.

Sure. Until the battery is dead. Then in takes more than half a day to charge back up.

Below is an uber TSLA bull’s count…

I superimposed a bearish count (in red lines) on the chart.

Pretty balanced review of the Cybertruck. Not great not terrible either.

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So long and he doesn’t really do anything with the truck (which he admits).
What is the range collapse at highway speed - as bad as Tesla’s other cars?
And towing range as well. It’s a joke for the Lightening; is it any better for the Cybertruck?

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The new Prius has a range of 644 miles and when embedded carbon and grid emissions are accounted for is likely a lot greener than an EV so why would anyone want an EV?


Read somewhere that hybrid is less reliable than EV.

Love to see that. Hybrids are some of the most reliable cars. And the maintenance costs are a fraction of EV’s. And they don’t destroy tires like EV’s.

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What maintenance do EVs require that a hybrid doesn’t? They both have batteries, electric brakes that recharge, high voltage systems, etc. The hybrid also has all the ICE systems to maintain except traditional breaks.

Personally, I don’t want 2 systems to maintain.

A lot of sources says EV is cheaper than ICE on maintenance:



EV transition is well on its way. Data is clear. The 2023 number doesn’t even capture the whole year.

Tesla’s China sales has basically been flat since March while BYD doubled in one year:

Hertz says EV is much more expensive to maintain than ICE… mainly because they are basically totaled after any accident.

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From the article, the bigger issue is the Tesla price cuts which dramatically lowed the value of the fleet. It made its more likely damaged vehicles will be totaled. Do that many people get in bad accidents in rental cars?

It’s already stalled. Dealers are sitting on tons of EVs and questioning if car markers should make more EV models.

That could mean dealers were too optimistic and over estimated demand. Doesn’t necessarily mean demand is not there. Also the new EV native brands like Tesla and Rivian sell directly to customer, bypassing dealer network.