Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Little Canoo EV, a fallen star since 2021, is up over 40% in the last two trading sessions.

Don’t think FSD is priced in. However, is the reason why I’m holding TSLA. TSLA is fairly valued now. If FSD level 5 is available, share price should pop.

Only for Cybertruck. Mount a machine gun on top of Cybertruck, it becomes a deadly infantry terminator.

Sure. Until the battery is dead. Then in takes more than half a day to charge back up.

Below is an uber TSLA bull’s count…

I superimposed a bearish count (in red lines) on the chart.

Pretty balanced review of the Cybertruck. Not great not terrible either.

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So long and he doesn’t really do anything with the truck (which he admits).
What is the range collapse at highway speed - as bad as Tesla’s other cars?
And towing range as well. It’s a joke for the Lightening; is it any better for the Cybertruck?

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