Thank You, Captain Obvious

Like I said before, why is this empty lot in the Sunset allowed to remain so??? Gee, are those apartment buildings to the right? Yes!!!


Oh no, I wouldn’t want high density housing to be developed on my street. Keep it the way it is :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine too many empty, usable lots in your fab neighborhood…

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A bigger question. Why are the Bdof Stupes allowed to remain. Forget about forcing citizens to do want the city should be doing. How about eliminating zoning and fees. How about giving carrots instead of sticks?

Well, let’s see how bold and fresh Mayor Breed will be. Granted, the Bored of Stupidvisors might still decide to focus on more legitimate and well thought out legislation like banning SF gov employees from traveling on official city business to dictator countries in Africa, but we can only hope…

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Send the board to the lot with shovels. Let them dig the foundation and learn about what it takes to get housing built.

Did you send her mail with the lot address and picture?

Turn it into a park.

Parks in SF are a liability. Just places for drug use and bums. People’s Park in Berkeley started an evil trend. Now nobody wants live next to a park.


Yeah, but everything on that side of the city is beautiful roses and polite neighbors. No homeless or drugs or problems. Isn’t that what wuqijun has been saying in another thread?

Yes, every city has good and bad neighborhoods. Choose the right one and you’d be fine. Choose the wrong one and you could be a fine landlord as well :smile:

Send all the homeless to a park a give them free high grade uncut heroin. That will solve your problems.

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We can only dream…

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Well, join the party, Seattle landlords, join the party…

No, really???


There’s a reason I bought outside of Seattle.

The idea that someone has a right to live in a city just because it’s where they are today is insane. They have a right to live where they can afford to live.

I get the not increasing rent if there are code violations. I feel that’s fair.

Not being able to use criminal record is insane when a landlord can have liability for criminal activity in the rental property.

I’m tired of hearing how bad gentrification is.

Rent control would kill rentals here, since there’s no cap on property tax increases. This year property taxes went up an average of 17% vs. last year. If rent increases are capped and property taxes keep increasing, then rents would become unprofitable.

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No sheet, Sherlock…

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Uh, I told you guys I had a big, bad burrito that was packed with beans…