Thank You, Mr. Craigslist!


Come on, give it up, for Craig Newmark. Who hasn’t used his baby at least once, whether it be selling a car or listing an apartment? And, it was all FREE!!! Thanks, Craig!!! I consider YOU to be a truer tech titan before some of the other often named folks!!!


@sfdragonboy - I like your list as well.



Way, way, cool…


Shoot, one less source for you @wuqijun:grin:


I only use Craigslist to post my rentals for rent.


Never sell anything, ever?


I think I helped out a friend one time by posting his car for sale for him…


Craigslist is losing favor even for renters… I am constantly looking for new sites to list rentals…Too many scams of Craigslist is spoiling tenants


That is my impression too, but it is still has a big following of users so what can you do? You want to cast a wide net still. Just be careful both ways, user and provider…


I always use the phone. If they won’t talk to me I don’t bother. Buying or selling still use Craigslist a lot


Oh, for sure, and do all the usual checks, etc.

(Nooo, Mr. Niece’s Naive Boyfriend, do not send money to some Craigslist rental ad before even seeing the place!!! What, an idiot… oops didn’t mean to say that)


I sold my old car and various tickets/books on Craigslist before. Great marketplace that doesn’t eat you alive with commissions.


I heard younger people are buying and selling used stuff on Facebook nowadays?


Yeah, it’s way easier to stalk the person afterwards. Lol.




I advertised the sale of about 200 Arab books, whatever language that was on Craiglist, I didn’t understand it, I believe they were Muslim books. I get the response from a guy from some flea market. I barely understood him, he was afghan or Indian.
So, I sent him many pictures, lots of them. He goes to bargain to $150 from $600 I asked. After 2 months of yada, yada, yada, he finally comes to pick them up. I am excited, they are occupying lots of space in my garage, and I had paid for them $20

Finally, he shows up after months of bargaining, parks this huge truck in front of my house. And in a hurry, he says, let’s load them up on the truck. Here I am, bending my back, being nice to him, and when the last box of the 30 is up, he goes…“well my friend, with this fraudulent tone, you know what, these books are not good for sale, how about for free?”

I swear, he didn’t die right there because I am a pacific person. After 20 minutes of hard bargaining, and talking to his wife who was sitting on the passenger seat, he agreed on giving me $110. OK I said, give me the $110. Then he opens a box and browsed through it, and goes “well, I think $50 would be fine, I can’t resell these books”…at this moment, he had the $110 in his hands. I grabbed them from his very own hand and walked inside my house.
He knocks on my door, I open, I am watching from the kitchen window. He goes "can i take that guitar, and those empty plastic boxes and this and that from your garage? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I had forgotten to close the darn garage. I gave them what he wanted, at this moment he as a pest to me.

Since then, Craiglist hasn’t given me a good customer, all cry babies complaining about any detail on the items so they can get them very cheap. Tired of that place now.


I don’t meet people at my home for CL transactions.


I just sold 2 cars on CL in the past week. One car was really old and couldn’t pass smog and registration expired so I listed it for cheap. Got about 20 responses within the first hour. Sifting through the responses, about 4 or 5 were real leads and the rest were either scams or car-selling services. That was how I came to know what the google voice 2-digit scam was. I am glad I didn’t fall for it.

Eventually both cars were sold within 3 days. I didn’t expect them to go that fast so I had to get a rental car, and came across Turo service which is pretty cool. Picked up a new Odyssey today. Still need to work on getting another car.


Does odyssey offer self driving option? Civic does.