Thanks to California, a news site (or other business) now has to let you cancel

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Wow. The state gov does something right for once. Shocking.

Ok, fine, we appreciate progress even if in baby steps, but come on, who doesn’t hate the freaking telemarketing calls way more? Come on, how the @#$% did you get my cellphone number? No, you speaking Mandarin is definitely not helping…

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I don’t mind a human telemarketing call. An automated one is the worst.

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I get Mandarin telemarketers too…


I only get Indian ones.

google phone dialer has a good way to show “spam calls”, not sure if iphones have it. It’s been reaaaaly useful.

Also good thing with having a phone number that starts with boston area code helps too. I never answer anything that starts with the same area code :slight_smile:

iPhone shows suspicious calls’ ID as “Scam Likely”. But it still misses all those Chinese embassy fish calls.

W google it is machine learning. If people mark them as spam after realizing it will eventually get marked as such.

I never got a “scam likely” call. Maybe because my number is on the do not call list

I don’t think scammers care much for the do not call list.

You can record the call. Email Soros and he might give you money to sue. Soros will get 20% cut and you keep the rest.

I have money to sue myself. In fact I should invest alongside Soros. Smart dude.

Go ahead to sue and destroy the economy

How is the rule of law destroying economy?

Frivolous lawsuit does the job with over regulation hand in hand.

Many lawsuits in California are frivolous and activist judges just allow it to hurt economy and civilization

Then tell congress to change the laws. Why are you mad at citizens exercising their lawful rights?

Not all lawsuits make sense, even if it’s exercising rights. People suing each other over millions of dollars for minor convenience is stupid.

Then the court has the power to strike it down.

Blame the game. Not the players.