That's Our Girl, Nancy


Well, what has Trump really done in two years (his job is more important after all)???


That’s a deflection not an answer. What are her accomplishments?



Giving poor people health care so they don’t die seems a pretty solid achievement for me.


Dodd-frank and the stimulus were heavily bi-partisan. ACA was big and has turned out to not do what was promised. Most of those a pretty minor. Maybe congress just doesn’t so much.


All Trumps’ “accomplishments” were his own executive orders? No laws were passed in Congress during the last 2 years?

Pelosi’s biggest accomplishment is yet to come, and that is to reign in the runaway White House. We are not a parliamentary state. The three branches are supposed to provide checks and balances, and that has been sorely lacking in the last 2 years.


You only think it needs reigned in because Trump is doing it. If it was Hillary, you’d be applauding it. I’m sure you were applauding when Obama did it. There’s no way to debate such irrational thought.

The whole structure of departments being able to create regulations without congress approving them is BS. We should eliminate that ability. The amount of regulations in this country is literally insane. The IRS tax code is 70,000 pages and 90% of people will be able to claim standard deduction. The EPA added almost 30,000 pages of regulations under Obama. I wonder how many we all violate without even knowing they exist.


Marcus and his blah, blah, blah. :laughing:

Poor kid, really. Lost in his own mumble jumble supporting a liar and a dumb president praising the Commies from Russia invading Afghanistan. :laughing::laughing:

Read comrade, this is how he is uniting the world…read…………:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

“”“KABUL —Afghan officials on Thursday denounced President Trump’s praise of the 1979 Soviet invasion and occupation of their country, which he described this week as a fight against terrorism, breaking with decades of Republican anti-communist tenets.”""

“breaking with decades of Republican anti-communist tenets.”‘we-gave-more-than-enough-sacrifices’-afghans-blast-trump’s-praise-of-the-soviet-invasion/ar-BBRLbFK?ocid=spartanntp


Let’s just say his style (everything about him) is not exactly what I would call exemplary for the leader of the greatest nation on the planet.


I feel bad for people who prioritize style over results. They’ll be mesmerized by a really good talker who doesn’t do anything and think the person is doing a great job. It pays to read data and understand the results.


Ok, did you see how I said “everything about him” in referencing his style? Like everyone else, I expect the leader of this great nation to be a positive example to others. Just like you would when/if you had kids, you wouldn’t be all potty mouth or start telling lies in front of them, would you? Of course not. Sure, we voted in an outsider hoping that he would bring a breath of fresh air, not the crap Camp Fire air we had…


We shouldn’t look to politicians for that. Their job is going to be messy and sometimes ugly. They are going to face impossible decisions where people die no matter what. They are going to be forced to side with an evil, because it’s lesser than the other evil and in the short-term they need an ally. Politics has a long history of ugly decisions or even immoral ones. It’s just that now the public has more access to real-time info.

I guess reality to too harsh for some. They’d rather just believe all people are good, and everyone will obey the laws. There are people who have to deal with reality and realize that’s not true at all. There are evil people, and every day they’ll try to do evil things.


Harvard Law School, 1st Harvard Law Review African American Editor…, Chicago Law Professor… born of a single parent… vs the other guy…

Trump is really lucky… someone(Obama) did the really difficult part, i.e. stabilize a country & set up a sustainable growth and maintainable/reducing deficit pattern after the 1st financial recession in 80 years… , the reducing deficit part Trump seems to be reversing…

Now hopefully… Trump won’t screw it up… because he can’t articulate what and why he wants to do certain things… analysis is definitely not his strong point…


2 years as a senator…For someone who is allegedly an expert in constitutional law, he sure left a few gotchas. He left with multiple actions being challenged in court over whether they were constitutional.

Slowest economic growth after a recession… ever. Stimulus spending didn’t simulate or create the jobs we were promised. It came in at about $400k/job created/saved.

Oh, and the average family will save $2,500/yr on healthcare.

Oh, and the much celebrated Iran deal which actually allows them to test missiles and didn’t eliminate their ability to build nuclear weapons. It slowed it from 3 months to 12 months. The agreement was also only temporary on Iran’s side. Never mind all the stuff that we ignored to sign it.

The celebrated Paris climate agreement was a sham. Countries set their own targets, and there’s no enforcement mechanism. Countries aren’t meeting their targets, and it doesn’t matter.

Celebrate some more stuff that was completely ineffective.



I assume you are referring to the current administration that is gutting our precedence based republic with their unprecedented abuse of power and the demolishment of the separation of the judiciary and the state as well as the state and the church


Obama exploded deficits until Tea party Republicans reigned him in some. If Trump were to average the same deficits he had in his first two years for another 6 then he would cut the rate of growth of the nations debt in half compared to Obama.


We were at the brink of depression back in 2008. Government ought to borrow as much as possible and spend as much as possible. Obama didn’t do nearly enough and the tea party’s leg dragging only added to the problem.

Now we are near full employment and economy is growing at 3%. Governments should take foot off the gas pedal and shrink deficit. Instead Trump pushed a big corporate tax cut that didn’t seem to boost growth much and deficit will balloon to 1T this year.


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