That's Our Girl, Nancy

Fact 1: Before democrats got control of the house, senate democrats filibustered a bill to fund the government over the wall funding. It passed the house.

Fact 2: In 2013, every senate democrat voted for more miles of border fencing/wall than what they filibustered over and shutdown the government.

Democrats have done a 180 on border fencing/wall in the last 6 years. That’s despite the fact data shows it works to keep out illegals.


Drugs Inc on Netflix is a must watch to understand how the drug trade works. Literally, every city with drug problems is getting the drugs from the Mexican drug cartel except Boston. Boston gets theirs from the Dominican Republic. The cartel has been making sure their kids are born in the US for decades, so they are US citizens with US passports. They use kids to transport the drugs across the border, since if they get caught it’s a slap on the wrist for a juvenile. The cartel literally owns supplying drugs to US cities where drug overdoses are killing 70,000 peoole a year.

Also, it shows how addicts hustle $100-200/day for their drug habit. Most of the men panhandle, and the women prostitute.

I’m sure most people don’t care since drug addicts aren’t innocent victims. The non-addicts in their neighborhoods are innocent victims though. They don’t deserve to live in a drug infested war zone.


Bernie and Biden are running. Along with Pelosi they are suffocating the younger generation. These old windbags are sucking all the air out of the room

We need to defeat the toddler in the white house playing golf during an emergency. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Nancy Pelosi on January 6 said if Trump came to the Capitol she would ‘punch him out’ and ‘go to jail’ (

Get yo stinkin" dirty shoes off my desk!!!

He should have just gone to SF and stole a bunch of stuff.

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Come on, it was never about money. Probably most of these idiots have some money and a home. Assuming he serves the full term of OVER FOUR years, at his advanced age, how much is that worth and pissed away? Priceless.

He could have also vandalized a federal courthouse in 2020 or trashed a women’s health center last year. Fat chance he would even have been arrested or charged in either case.


Or thrown molitov cocktails into black-owned businesses during a BLM “gathering”…

Oh wait… he’s not a POC… maybe that would’ve gotten him arrested…

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