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Will someone explain to me why the Farrell takeover as interim Mayor/caretaker over London Breed is causing such angst in the Fab 7x7? I mean, why not have a caretaker come in so that London can concentrate on winning the actual election for Mayor? To me, it makes sense that London shouldn’t have both the Mayor and Board President roles at once.


Never underestimate the stupidity of the Bd of Stupes.
That speech was a rambling wreck of political correctness.
These idiots are so worried about not offending anyone that they offend everyone with any common sense.
Breed was perfect because she was immune to this PC witch hunt which has destroyed SF. The progressive people will elect a Mayor that will be unable to accomplish anything.


But my point is still that there will be a general election and one can easily vote for London to take the full job. What is wrong with that? Is it that well she was already in the job so why do the musical chairs? I suppose, but you also have the issue of her holding two powerful offices at once. I also don’t understand why Ron Conway is backing London as opposed to say Farrell.


London being black is immune from PC bullying. Just like Willy Brown. She can stand up to the progressive communist agenda. She can build housing promote business reduce taxes jail the lawless without ever having to defend herself against PC hate speech. Hopefully her head is in the right place. Because her people have suffered the most due to the progressive takeover of SF.


Ok, I get that, but why is Ronen upset with “these powerful white men” aka Ron Conway who is backing London? Don’t we want someone of London’s background leading our fair city, who rose from public housing to the big chair? Is Ronen visiting the weed stores too much? I would seriously consider London when I vote since again it may come down to choosing the least worst candidate…


From that speech, Ronen has proven herself to be a sniveling pile of dog shit. Unfit for any job but a McDonald’s cook…


You’d think a world class city would have a long list of top notch candidates for mayor. Instead you just have varying degrees of extreme leftism.


It is beyond extremist . It is sniveling PC bullshit. To the point of absolute absurdity. These Stupes just sit around all day trying to figure out the most inane PC crap to blurt out and gloat about. The idea of actually getting the People’s business accomplished is beyond them. Not a one is a competent leader.


Well, the only response I have to that (females may be upset but so what) is, UCLA cheerleaders typically have been pretty hot but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t go into the general student body and not find more lovely ladies actually…


SF leaders are in a mess.
The leadership are falling all over themselves trying to get most progressive Mayor possible, Leno?
Of course they threw the black mayor under the bus. But the zealots must prove how progressive and therefore how useless they are.
The biggest asshole of the bunch.
Already proven he can do nothing to solve the cities problems…




The communist coup has backfired. They threw out Breed and created a powerful enemy who is not beholden to the progressives . Could be a huge boon to the law abiding tax payers of SF. Let’s pray she wins…

When a Mayor dies the President of the Stupes becomes Mayor. That was the traditional way. The commies will regret their coup


Agree that this may end up helping Breed ultimately anyway but not sure if we ever had (even with Dianne Feinstein taking over) the situation where the Interim Mayor was also the Board of Supes President at the same time. Crazy politics…


The good old days


This probably also belongs under my Def Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors thread…


Time to do something. The progressive attitude of tolerance only makes this nightmare worse. The street people need to be arrested or treated. But left as they are SF while become a shithole.