The Fab 7x7



Good grief!!! :scream:


Have you guys eaten at any of these restaurants.


Of course, that’s what makes them so good…the “extra” sauce…


Sounds like old urban myth of the Kentucky fried rat…


In Seattle, restaurants we required to post their health inspection score. We’re cutting edge like that.

We also have a soda tax.


It seems they grade on a pretty relaxed curve.


This list is rigged. @sfdragonboy’s favorite joint is missing even though it got shut down at some point in 2016 or 2017, can’t remember when.


Oh, did someone manage to get some place off a list???

Come on, basic stuff: Do you want a restaurant that constantly turns over the food due to many patrons OR would you prefer a restaurant with standing, old food due to no business?


World class baby! We’re cutting edge.



so awful.


Why have breakable windows?


I think the main reasons are cost and safety. If a vehicle goes into the water, you can’t open the doors until the vehicle fills with water to balance the pressure. Breaking the window is your best way out. Safety experts advocate keeping a center punch in your console. It’ll easily break the window with a light tap.


Or even more likely say a car accident where the firefighters have to be able to punch out the windows fairly easily to get people out of say a burning car.


I may not agree with this, but this is the kind of legislation that world class cities put out @marcus335. It may or may not set the example for other cities to follow but it is certainly cutting edge…


@sfdragonboy Seattle passed legislation to create one. The argument is over where to put it. NIMBYism is in full force. No one wants to live next to it.


Not surprising for Seattle actually… I was talking about your other favorite “world class” city, San Jose…


SJ already has that. It’s called St James park. They’ll drive the ambulance and police cars right onto the grass to help people.


That, would sound about right for San Jose…