The Fab 7x7


In 2100 , your fab 7x7 is going to be the fab 6x6 due to rising sea level.


I will gladly edit every thread should Manch’s children keep his vision alive…


Is that urine or the smell of old money???


Gosh, we loved this lil church when we were looking for venues for our wedding. Unfortunately, too small (but very cute).



The city needs housing not another park


Well, this area is pretty sweet. Killer homes with equally killer views.



Quirky but fun events like this is why the Fab 7x7 is the place to be…


Something to worry about though…


This is the stuff that world class cities do everyday, 24/7…

Don’t mind the poop and urine scent…


You mean they waste millions of tax payer dollars? Cities can’t simultaneously say:

  1. Climate change is harmful and file lawsuits against oil companies
  2. Climate change isn’t a risk In legal disclosures for bond offerings

I’ve posted about the disconnect before. They are either lying about oil companies. or they are committing investor fraud in their bond offerings.

We also know based on recent data that land sinking is a far greater issue than sea level rising. That further hinders their claims here.


Wow, only a world class city can do this!!!


Just another day in a world class, trend setting (ok, Berkeley and West Hollywood I give you credit) city…



This, is the kind of legend stuff that makes a city like the Fab 7x7 world class and a destination city for vistors, conventioneers, and my inlaws. No one, is clamoring to see San Jose…no one.


Johnny Love, famous SF celebrity bartender, is a friend of mine. Had my 40th birthday at Johnny Loves bar at Polk and Broadway.



Ouch!!! Not very fabulous…


Cha-ching Fabulous 7x7 homeowners!!! 10% bump in one month is sweeet and it was January of all months!!! What is going to happen in the prime home buying months???