The Fab 7x7


So why leave? I don’t think you will be happy at all outside of your own neighborhood in SF.


Tax play mostly… For sure, we could stay and be reasonably happy but this is one of our last scores in hording cash before we head for our winter…


Now if that couple was smart they would have rented out that street to the homeless. They would have sold it back to them very quickly and without a lawsuit.


That is what I said or envisioned too when the story hit. I would have invited a bunch of chinese women and set up mah jong games right out there on the street. Play until your fingers bleed, ladies!!! Would have gotten a call asking about how much I wanted just like that!!!


Now you have the solution. Make SF private. Gate off the city and control access.
The problem with SF is everyone calls themselves a native even they are just camping under the freeway.
We need some of Herb Caens old fashion snobbery to bring back the glory days.


Well, the ever increasing bridge tolls and BART fares sort of serve the purpose. As long as the jobs are here, you pay…


Thanks Michelle for coming and being the grand marshal of the CNY parade!!! Chicken wings are on me!!!


Come home, Lady Di, aaaaaand run for Mayor Of San Francisco, a much higher profile position…


Wow, she’s not far enough left for them anymore.





Despite fears of Big Brother, how about adding cameras to these???



You folks kicking Jane Kim out yet:

she wants to pass multiple taxes in San Francisco to buy votes… (One for child care and another $1B tax increase for housing)


Unfortunately, if she flashes a little bit of skin, our Fearless Leader is going to vote for her…


Dude…PA (Posted Already)…not Palo Alto, but we can all hope for that day…:grin:


Well, we do have a housing crises…


Yes, I expect this from a world class city…

Not seeing San Jose being mentioned, Fearless Leader…


Taking a page from the Elon playbook???