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New taxes will clean it up.


Well, if one is a reasonable dog owner, he/she is supposed to have a baggy to clean up after Fido. Most people do it around my area but of course the occasion owner will break the rules…


Dogs are supposed to be leashed as well in city parks around kids. Most owners don’t bother.


I am soooooo jealous of my San Bruno tenants to be. They picked up their puppy and are anxiously awaiting the green light…


Lame. No deal is better than the Sonic + Hulu live tv combo. Get it now.


Hulu = watching all of my fav Bay Area sports teams live???


What channels are your games on? They have ESPN 1/2, FS 1/2, etc. I heard Youtube TV has this 24-hour NBA news channel but I am not into basketball so that doesn’t appeal to me. Hulu is a better deal because it comes with the regular streaming package. Cut the cord @sfdragonboy.


The Giants and Warriors are on NBC Sportschannel (720 if HD). The Youtube option they promoted heavily during the Warrior playoff run so I am aware of that alternative. So how much is your total monthly bill for Sonic and Hulu with taxes?


Hulu has NBC Sports too I believe. I paid about $50 (taxes included) for Sonic back when I was in Sunset, but they charge me more now since fiber is not available in my neighborhood. Hulu is another $40 so ~$90 in total for you?

I don’t have Hulu because I don’t watch a lot of tv these days, but my friends rave about it all the time. Besides, I can get my soccer from Telemundo through the digital antenna. Love the Español commentator even though I don’t understand a word he says.

Forgot to note: Sonic also has free international calls (calls to landlines only) so your wife can call her parents in Malaysia for free. Yes Skype exists but the elderly tends to prefer the old fashion :phone:


Even my parents do FaceTime and WeChat video calls. Who calls landline?? :scream:


Uh…my grandma who is in her 90s???


Apparently you can watch shows for free on the TVB app. My bro downloaded it this past weekend and he has been binging nonstop…


Yes your brother probably used VPN to camouflage his IP to watch shows on the TVB app. I haven’t watched TVB for a long time now as the quality went down hill since the exodus…


He does not use VPN. He’s not that high-tech or savvy.

Trust me, I just tried it.
Download the app and you can watch. Don’t need to register or do anything. The app does have some ads. There are even English subtitles.


Thanks for the info @caiguycaiguy. What’s sad about this whole thing is even if it’s free I don’t want to watch it…


Hahah so true., The shows are pretty bad but I’m trying to watch more to improve my Cantonese.


You can practice your Cantonese by fighting for groceries with the aunties in Chinatown :joy:


When I break out my very poor Toisonese in Chinatown, I think some of the vendors are actually impressed…(either that or they double charge me anyway)



I pickup after my dogs. Who picks up after the homeless? They definitely aren’t doing it.