The Fab 7x7


Why should they be impressed? Sorry the Chinese language is a prerequisite for descendants of the dragons.


Well, I am thinking that fewer and fewer folks speak the lingo and then to have someone who looks totally ABC break out a few lines might be a shock to someone.

My wife has often said that she really liked how I was ABC yet can be quite Chinesey at times. Best of both worlds…


I am at the blue bottle at South Park right now. Man, the place is hopping full of SV types. One sharp dressing dude is talking on his phone outside about some VC deals.

Only difference between here and Valley: women here wear makeups :nail_care: and heels. :high_heel:

That park in the middle of the roundabout looks pretty awesome.


welcome to my hood. :slight_smile: that grilled cheese place next door is pretty good.


That’s a very nice hood. :+1:


Sure, why not 2M…



Love South Park.


Not going to live inside a prison compound :neutral_face:


@notabene lives in the hood. It’s like an peaceful oasis surrounded by city hustle.


I’m couple of blocks from South Park, but yes that blue bottle is still my corner cafe. :slight_smile:

South Park itself gets a little sketchy at night though. Need more party animals raving the bars & restos on 2nd street.


5 bucks a small cup of latte at blue bottle is pretty steep… :cry:


Cha-ching, SF Owners, cha-ching!!!



Tell me when they do a movie or tv show featuring San Jose…



You need to be drunk to not get upset about stepping in poop.


My girlfriend wearing sandals stepped in dog poop in St Tropez. Poop oozing through her toes. Unfortunately bad behavior is worldwide now.


dog poop or human poop?


it’s about to get graphic.