The Fab 7x7


Even Robert Redford wants to move closer to the Fab 7x7!!!


What slowdown are you guys talking about???


Uh oh, more traffic cops coming in the Fab 7x7…


May the 8’s bring you luck, Nic…



Ok, he says to buy…


Realtors always say it’s a good time to buy. Unless of course if you are a seller.



Hear that, Mayor Breed and the Dwarfs/Dwarfites

You need to also focus on the TRUE bread and butter, the tax paying residents of the city and the tourists!!! We need more cops out there, in uni’s walking their beats and undercover.


Sorry Richmond District folks, the music will go on…



Bring it on!!!


These guys are not homeless now?



Don’t mess with the Fab 7x7!!!


Cha-ching current Fab 7x7 owners!!!

Small supply = BIG DEMAND = Sky high prices!!!

Just returned from revisiting a POS fixer in the Sunset that has an ace up its sleeve, ocean views from unsteady back patio and semi views from front living room. So, how does one valuate such a property? Well, according to the agent, he has a $1.2M all cash offer with no contingencies. Come on, the remodel alone will be $300-400K. Small lot home with neighbors’ lot breathing down your throat. Agent, owner is jerking you around if he/she doesn’t accept that offer when asking is 800K+…


What, nothing happening in Phoenix, Arizona to report on???



Ok, bring on the convention dollars…


Wow, impressive!!! Her secret? It’s the water!!!