The Homeless Are Frankly Everywhere



not just in my Fab 7x7!!!


I drove down to WSJ over the weekend and to my surprise I saw multiple tents dotted along the 280 exit at Saratoga Ave. It was the first time I saw that happening having driven thru that same spot since the 90s. Sad turn of events for San Jose. But @sfdragonboy I guess you have something positive on your side to note in this ongoing SF vs. SJ debate.


Get out of the flip FAST. Careful of connectors, you can be robbed at gunpoint!


After San Jose build those free tiny houses it will become the homeless capital of Silicon Valley.


Think I need to push for a motion to cordon off the Lawrence Expressway, any cars/ humans without permits to cross would be arrested.


New York City has found a solution to reduce the homeless population:


There’s another homeless encampment at Rancho San Antonio. along the train tracks… Another decent sized encampment off Brokaw and 880. Both of them are new in the last 2 years :frowning:


Well, then maybe you should consider selling your Cupertino houses. You are not that far away from that location.


Motion passed. Already cordon off :slight_smile:


You might want to ask Trump to build a wall there too, just to be safe.


What’s the free tiny house?


I saw you when you drove by :sweat_smile:


Now, this is why I keep pointing out to bad things happening to all Americans. It will touch you one day if you are not prepared for that heart attack, or any disease that will put you down and you don’t have anybody taking care of you. The vultures will eat you alive.

1600 people lived so far last November in this camp site for homeless people in Orange County, a predominant republican stronghold. This is a phenomenon not strange to the entire country. This is everywhere, and more are coming if we don’t fix that income disparity and the healthcare for all.

This is an ex-banker. Homeless now.

Anaheim, CA


So what is going on today in Manch’s world? I had to get a foundation inspection done at the new place today, so I was away today…

No, I don’t take comfort to know that homeless people are finding the Bay Area to their liking. Absolutely not!!! The last thing I want to see is the homeless getting the notion that the Bay Area is accepting of them. Unfortunately our pathetic leadership in our cities (not just Fab 7x7) have been soft and we are going to pay for it.


That’s good to know. It’s nice to have an unbiased view of the entire Bay Area as opposed to petty little debates over whether my neighborhood or city is better than yours.


Gosh, I know I owe it to SV money for part of the success the Fab 7x7 has enjoyed recently. And, vice versa. Sure, people came here for the jobs but they like the food and nightlife too and we have it for them. Win win!!!


So, back to bashing Seattle?


It’s sunny and 70 today so take that.


OK. Picked the wrong day to bash Seattle. San Francisco is dreary, wet and cold today. Gonna rain for the whole damn week. :cry:


Ok, uh, we took your sloppy seconds (Richard Sherman)…:grinning: Why, I don’t know…