The Homeless Are Frankly Everywhere



At least it’s an incentive laden deal. They had to be bidding against themselves.


Ignore it all you want, homeless people are coming from other states, a by-product of the coal miners not getting jobs, and the red states depending on handouts that are being cut by Mephistopheles.


Let’s pour some gas on the fire, shall we???


Huh? Come again?


I am assuming a Bachelors is minimum to do that line of work? :slight_smile:


I am confused about the Santa Rosa fire. So none of the houses are getting rebuilt? What happened to insurance?



Santa Rosa rejected free shipping containers from burners.we have a government incapable of helping …and actively trying to force people to be homeless…Get rid of all rules and regulations…Let builders build like it was 1907…problem solved in 6 months…allow trailer parks…put in porto potties…send the Army in.
They know how to set up camps in a hurry


The permit process is the problem…It took several years to build out after the Oakland fire…and Oakland was builder friendly


The main reason we have homeless on the west coast is the high cost of housing and rentals. If you want to get rid of homeless people you have to bring down the cost of having a home, whether it is a purchase or rental. It is not the mild climate as a few people have previously said. There is always going to be the mentally ill and druggies, but the number will be much smaller.


There will be homeless people even if the cost of housing is next to nothing.

And no, we don’t want to bring down the cost of housing. We want home prices to shoot to the moon so multiple home owners like me will be rich and happy.


Your expensive house will be surrounded by needles, feces and homeless tents. Don’t ever go out. :scream:


No. That will be @hanera and @Elt1’s mansions. I only own shacks that are section 8 worthy… :rofl: