The Latest With Our Fav Paradise City, Palo Alto



Unfortunately, wifey gave up citizenship to be here and she actually likes it here more. These few days of heat reminds her of being there (granted, dry heat here, etc) which is why she doesn’t miss it except for the fact that her folks and family are there of course. She also never thought she would meet someone who would seriously consider moving back there. For someone who is ABC, I can be fairly Chinesey which she likes a lot about me. No reason why we can’t split the time there and here when we stop working.


Don’t lower your standards and move to 3rd world country to retire. If you had to do that, that means you are not ready for retirement.


He can retire almost anywhere in the US already…


Has to be Bay Area standard or better… :slight_smile:


I am making my wifey find out, but if anyone here knows, what is the process of regaining citizenship status in Malaysia? Would it be in reverse, where her family would need to sponsor her and me and we probably have to invest some dough there? That should be doable, since a small home there like a condo (OMG…smh) shouldn’t be too expensive and probably needed for us to stay at when there.

@wuqijun, a lot of people retire part time over in Asia or even in @Elt1 Country (SLT). One thing I have been hearing at open houses is that the sellers are selling and moving to Sonoma (in addition to other spots North of course like Oregon and Wash).


Come on @wuqijun, you know paradise for @sfdragonboy is Sunset. He’s already living in Sunset Paradise. :slight_smile:


BA area retired people are moving again…You can retire to Tahoe and live forever after selling a BA house…especially if you own it free and clear…Many are moving to Socal, Vegas, Sacramento MSA, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Utah…plenty of areas that offer much of what the BA offers…And these areas are all becoming more and more diverse and cosmopolitan. …


My ex-coworker sold his Cupertino house in 2011 for 950k and retired to Arizona. I wonder how he is feeling right now… He also had a ton of Apple stocks. I hope he kept some of them…


I’m pretty sure @sfdragonboy can retire in the bay area now if he wants to. Heck, just use a fraction of his Oakland 4-plex proceeds to buy a condo in Malaysia and the rest to pay off his remaining mortgages. Voila! Got it all figured out :slight_smile:


Considering how much time he is on here he is retired…and still collecting his salary. .Sounds like the perfect job.


I think he wants to work longer to get his full pension. And besides, he might not know what to do with all the free time if he retired early. Many people get disoriented without a job to keep them busy… they wouldn’t know what else to do.


You don’t need to go through all the citizenship trouble. Just stay there three months at a time (spring and fall to avoid the heat) and live in your Sunset mansion the remainder of the year.


Excellent suggestion, but Uncle Sam wants his cut (a major cut) from Oakland so I need to “work around” that with a 1031 Exchange and then owner move-in after several years. Yes, your thinking is spot on. Maybe one day (if it is still standing :wink:), I can afford a dim sum lunch at Dragon Beaux for a few of you cats for a meet and greet session… (don’t be ordering off the menu…@harriet!!! :grin:)


Guessing he sold most of them to buy his boats for the lake.


Pension?! What are THOSE?!!


Just tell us when…


Yes let’s do that! No need to treat us, we can split the bill.


Wow, just to give our Fearless Leader his due, let’s meet up in San Ho for some East Lake food during the holiday month of December when I unfortunately have to feed for myself when my lovely wife is abandoning me for 3 weeks of R&R back in Malaysia. My god, Sweetie, I am going to starve to death!!! I can knock off two birds with one stone, I finally get to meet some of you cats and fill my tummy for one night. Oh, make that 3 birds, we keep East Lake viable for another night…:grin:

Another thought was we meet up at a buffet and you guys go pick out what you want to eat yourself. Yes, quality is ok but should be fun, no? Moonstar anyone??? We can all bring a “white elephant” gift and play Stealing Santa.


Sweet, count me in! I’m so excited I already got my white elephant gift ready for you guys.


Oh hell no…I know someone who got food poisoned there…