The Latest With Our Fav Paradise City, Palo Alto



Come on, I know it is expensive, but bring your Juicero juicer @BAJacket!!!


Really? It has been ok for me everytime I have gone there for post funeral meals and/or baby parties. Seems to be in vogue now to use that place for these events. Kome, then? There has to be a buffet that is decent down in San Ho. East Lake it is then…

Sooo, I guess I am game for finally revealing my soul…

If you all are game, like I said, December is really, really good for me since my wife is leaving me for 3 weeks to fend for myself.

@wuqijun, let’s offer to pick up our Fearless Leader from his home in Bayview or where???


Hahaha… no need to make people uncomfortable. @manch can just show up on his own.


Have your henchman put a transmitter onto Manch’s car while we are munching on Peking duck…


Make sure to drive your CRX limo edition to chaffeur him. :laughing:


God, you may have to follow me just in case it breaks down…


Wow, okay, so homes are underpriced in PA…


No wonder everyone loves Paradise City!!! They just do it!!!


Palo Alto takes crime seriously.


Well, when you have nothing to do, going after shoe thieves it is…


Send PA cops to Sf to roust out the homeless. …


Wife is from Indonesia, right?

I know a couple right now that don’t want to become citizens here. With kids and whatnot I think it is not a debatable conversation.


Not here in SJ. This is 911 operator, may I know the reason you called? Oh…mam, I just called… to say I love you!:sweat_smile:


Malaysia technically, with some of her relatives in Singapore. One is an up and coming movie and singing star. Released first cd awhile ago. Fan boys love her, but I think my wife is prettier…


Hey, fight the good fight…


She is nostalgic for the bad old days when EPA had 95 murders a year … lol


Well, of course, the policemen in PA have so much other crime cases to be focusing on…


Yeah why deal with the real problems like the housing crisis… This shit is so much more important…lol


Only #6??? Due to the removal of the James Franco murals maybe…:grinning:


Poor James… :pensive: