The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco


Doesn’t matter what I think…When the owners move out, then I will believe they think it is usafe…Until then it is a game of chicken with lawyers being the big winners…



Geez, bought for 8.1M and sold for 5.75M, a 29% haircut. Ouch! Of course, this unit happens to be on floor 58. And guess what 58 stands for? 58 is “not prosperous” in Cantonese. You can say that again…


The seller lost big. Buyer made a killing…


Maybe…but we got a long way to go on litigation still and quite frankly the integrity of the building is still in question. Do we really know if that building can withstand a moderate to heavy earthquake? I hope I am not in the office when that happens…


I think San Franciscans who dared to buy a home in high rises already discounted the earthquake scenario. I mean, us too. I wouldn’t be living here in the Bay Area and own homes if I were afraid of earthquake.


Yeah, but a major difference is that you didn’t buy a home in a ill constructed 58 story hi rise that has already “settled” beyond expectations. I would have a hard time forking over one red cent once I see the disclosure packet on this lil baby…


Wow! That thing is still leaning? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why? Did you expect the wind that the Fab 7x7 is known for to straighten it out? :slight_smile:


Leaning is chic and hot. Why else would someone pay $5M to live in a leaning tower?


Well, when you are drunk, you can blame your HOME as to why you were stumbling and falling all over the place…


Even Dianne Feinstein wants to know how can the MT be fixed…



Yeah, the proverbial…Excuse me officer, I am not drunk. What happens is that a second ago I tried to lean on my house but it moved…


Ocean Beach is for local surfers only, no one else…Deadly under tow takes a few tourists every year. …Much more deadly than great white sharks


SF has the worst beach in CA. That’s why the closer to the beach, the more worthless the homes…


I live on the best Beach in California. .no undertow or sharks, crystal blue fresh water…Pope Beach in South lake Tahoe…


That’s not a beach that’s lakeshore :slight_smile:


We not only have the best beaches, we even have surfing…

Caribbean clear blue water and warmer than coastal beaches…

Serious flooding coming…River Ranch in danger.


Why would you put your restaurant in THIS place??? Just pick any other (non falling) building!!!