The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco



So $150 million to insert concrete piles to bedrock is the be all end all fix…


Uh, that is one ugly HOA bill coming for someone…


I know this may be a dumb question, but is it actually possible to retrofit the foundation with piles that go down to bedrock? If the piles were driven down to refusal, how would you do that without a total excavation?


I’m sure there’s technology made for that. As long as someone willing to pay $150 million for such task.


From my July 18 post…

“The LERA firm and DeSimone Consulting Engineers say the problem can be remedied by drilling 50 to 100 new piles down to bedrock from the building’s basement. Each pile would be anywhere from 10 inches to a foot in diameter.”


That thing still there? :sweat_smile:


About time 60 Minutes did a segment on the infamous Leaning Tower Of San Francisco…


Still there? :joy:


Watched that 60 Minutes segment last night on this. This picture says it all…


I know both the critics shown…Both are gadflies. .Larry Karp and I worked together. .He is a one man operation more comfortable inspecting shfs than highrises…He inspected a house for me in 1985…It was out of level…Bad soils under the foundation. .He said I could live with it. …He is not qualified in 200 deep foundation design…


I wonder what the national publicity from the story is going to do to the MT’s units’ value now, at least short term? One would have to be a crazy, gambler to buy now (a unit there) thinking that it will be fixed eventually…


Where are the brilliant engineers/geologists/fortune tellers/investors who were saying this building is completely safe???


It’s all about money now if the building is really unsafe everybody would’ve moved out


Well, I think there is a good dose of wishful thinking that there is nothing wrong with this building at this point. You are safe there in SLT, I am not so sure I am a half block over…



Maybe I was wrong about the Millenium Tower… it’s actually more safe than other buildings that are attached to the bedrock in the event of a major earthquake. Since it isn’t attached, it can “flow” like a boat during the liquefaction process and allow residents to ride out the waves safely… :rofl:


Earthquake is not the issue… The continued settlement is
Entrance Ramps utilities basement cracking water intrusion are the real issues… They can all be dealt with… maybe with higher HOA fees… the lawyers will figure how to milk the costs out of the developers


What? That was the most important factor before the shovel ever hit the ground. Do you paint bare wood without primer? No. When facts are IN YOUR FACE and you stupidly go ahead and do something completely counter well you deserve everything coming your way. The developer was stupid and cheap. No way around it. Like I said, my handyman would have gotten this right…


The building is earthquake sound as any other