The new SF Mayor



It will be interesting to see what happens now. Does London get the support from the rest of the Board or will someone else come up? The obvious fear is always the concern that with a renter majority population that we end up with someone way left.


Willie Brown was the best mayor since Alioto. London is a Willie Brown Democrat. Not a wacky progressive… Hopefully she can get something done…


You know how it is, your perspective changes (or not) when you actually get the job. What she may have fought for as a neighborhood supervisor may not necessarily be good for the entire city. You have many more mouths to feed now…


London was the chairwoman of the board. Now she became the mayor, do we need to elect a new supervisor? Might be a good opportunity to elect another moderate into the board and make the silly progressives irrelevant.

The younger the better. Many progressives are old and soon to be phased out by SF. New SF is increasingly better and hopeful. Once moderates became the super majority, we can have rent control repealed or relaxed.

London is somewhere between moderate and progressive. But I feel that she is moderate inside and progressive outside. This moderate inside and progressive outside could become the hallmark of SF black politicians. They are transitioning into moderate and conservative, it’s an awkward moment.

I feel that David Chiu could also be a little moderate inside but he is less genuine than London, faked too hard to be a progressive. Jane Kim is 1000% progressive and is the hopeless worst. Other Asian progressives are also a little bit moderate inside but tried very hard to be a hardline progressive, thinking that faking progressive is the only way to get elected. But the time has changed, let’s see whether they will adapt or out.




Aaaah yes, the body is not even cold yet…


Most of the old SF politicians are bad. No hope, better choose someone new, no recycled politicians. SF–>Sacramanto–>SF again? Please find a real job and stop drinking people’s blood.

Is Mark Ferrel a good candidate? Is he well liked by the donors and the underground powerful hands?


I think they should make Willie Brown mayor for life…


Only if they agreed to make Trump President for life…


Willie Brown is the last of the old democrats who didn’t look down on blue collar workers. The so called progressive movement only cares about leftist slogans… it is totally ineffective at governing. The ying to Trump’s yang


Blue collar workers? Are you talking about the Mexican immigrants or the Asian factory employees who already took away all of America’s blue collar jobs? :wink:


Plenty of blue collar Americans left. Especially in the red states… They voted Trump president…


Um… they sure are a dying breed… :wink:


Well, I thought Mark was decent until I saw the supervisor meeting where they voted for or against the couple who bought the street in Presidio Terrace. He voted of course for rescinding the sale of the street but I felt some of his comments were a bit much. It is all relative of course so yeah he probably would be decent or moderate in his views.


Stop bitching. Run for office.
Ronald Reagan.


Like I said, the body ain’t even cold yet…


Why even run given the precedence… we all know it’s a highly stressful job taking a toll on the body… especially the heart…


Well, family history, poor diet and little to no exercise is a recipe for disaster…


Well, remember the republican idol Raygun? He had Alzheimers during his last years in office. Jesus! :sweat_smile: