The new SF Mayor



Ok, Mr. Moola has spoken…


London Breed might be the best option for Mayor. She is black, female, can be good for identity politics. In SF. Also she was chosen as the commonly acceptable middle ground by all the political sides. I think she is acceptable and also have a good chance to win.

Leno is a recycled pol from the old days, will be bad.

Chiu is not brave against progressives, sometimes Chiu is overly progressive himself, not ideal.

Ferrel could be good. But Breed might have more chance to win.


What do you think of Angela Alioto? Yes, recycled BOS but has been away for awhile. Famous family…


Alioto is 68 years old. She lost in 2003. I think her chance is small. Just not sure whose votes she can take away.

Do we have 69 year old mayor? If she runs for president, it might be ok.

Who does Willie brown support? He seems to have strong influence in SF


Angela is a mess


The only thing I like about Angela is that she is into boy toys… Good for her… put her ill gotten gains into something enjoyable…




Kim was put into politics by SF Chinese voters. But she has been ruthlessly exploiting property owners, ruthlessly favor tenants, and even ruthlessly slept with a Chinese woman’s husband. That’s why she lost to Wiener. I expect her to lose again. Without Chinese support, she won’t get much votes. Racial identity alone won’t help her.

During the election against wiener, Chinese community chose a white man against her. She is miscalculating the Asain voters.

Dragonboy needs to spread the bad reputation about this ruthless Kim.


I hope you are right, but do not underestimate Lil Kim. Tough as nails, and admittingly kinda cute…


That’s why you need to work hard, Anyone But Kim!


Mark would have been better than most of the candidates…


Great idea, Jane!!! How come you didn’t come up with this idea, oh, like 4-5 years ago???


Expell Jane Kim from San Francisco. A bad disturbance to SF life.


Mark, you suck!!!


It’s a nice idea but they couldn’t have come up with a more boring and toothless sounding name for this initiative!

“Oh sf, we just heart clean streets <3”


I think I will vote for London just out of spite. Backstabbing is not cool.


Bingo, I am voting for London…as often as I can…:grin:


This forum officially endorses London Breed. :smile:


The new mayor should be forced to live with the homeless. I suggest that the Mayor gets a new 1906 design earthquake shack for the official residence.