The new SF Mayor



Board of Supervisors President London Breed on Tuesday said she was drafting legislation to create a working group to speed up the construction of in-law units in San Francisco.

Breed’s request comes after the San Francisco Examiner reported that just 23 in-law units, otherwise called accessory-dwelling units, have been built since The City legalized the units citywide and allowed new ones to be built beginning in 2016.

“That’s only 23 units in two years while we are in the middle of a housing crisis,” Breed said. “These units are an efficient and affordable way of building desperately needed housing in San Francisco and its the only way that we can actually build rent control units.”

Those in-laws, when built within existing rent-controlled buildings, are covered by rent control laws.

“There are tens of thousands of opportunities all over the city to actually building these units. As we speak there are 419 applications in the pipeline,” Breed said.

Concerns over The City’s approval process for the in-law units were raised during a recent Building Inspection Commission hearing where city officials spoke of confusion and uncertainty in the permitting process.

“The data suggests we are not moving as fast as we need in order to get these units online,” Breed said.



The only Republican on the stage, Richie Greenberg, was met with a lot of opposition from the crowd. “Would you welcome President Trump to San Francisco, would you greet him at the airport?” he said. “I would.”

While discussing the homeless problem, he said San Francisco should not be so hospitable to the homeless population. “Throwing money at this issue is not helping,” he said.


Is Leno’s health problem a real issue? I’m really concerned about Leno. We need Leno to kick out Kim.

"Mark Leno did not take part in the debate due to health problems. "


Dangerous Jane Kim called Alioto after the garbage vote. Very dangerous Kim. Hope Alioto won’t be fooled by the dangerous Kim.

The party committee DCCC is controlled by garbages, the vote is a garbage vote since the result was already set before the votes, similar to the elections in Russia and China. The progressive-dominated Democratic County Central Committee is a joke.


It is Jerry Browns 80th birthday this week. Time for him and all the old Democrats to retire.


Jerry was actually a pretty decent Mayor of Oakland…


He will be 81 next year when he is termed out. Time for new blood. Nancy and Dianne have to go too.


Will Newsom be better than Brown?



No he will probably be worse.


Aren’t the new breed of Democrats in California ultra lefties and hence will be much worse than the ones retiring/will retire(such as Brown, Feinstein, Pelosi etc)?


Exactly what I thought. Should let Richie Greenberg be the Mayor.
Disclosure: Don’t stay in SF. Just kay poh.


Although not from SF, but a rising leader challenging Feinstein, Kevin De Leon takes the cake among ultra leftists in CA democrats.


Hmm, even if The Presidio Terrace Senator endorses Breed is that actually good or bad? I will err on good, I think most people still think highly of Lady Di…


Newsome is definitely to the left of them.


Newsom just goes for the votes, he is not a fanatic progressive.


Newsom is annoying. The way he talks makes me throw up. :face_vomiting:


Kevin de Leon would be the worst. If he and pelosi represents California, we could lose all our voice for generations.