The new SF Mayor


He got things done…This new group of progressives
just panders to their interest groups and move on to higher office, like Newsome…


Yeah, “progessive” SF politicians now have nothing to do, because they have gone to the exact extreme end and there’s nothing they can do without violating state laws and federal laws.

That’s why David Chiu the clown is trying to overturn state legislation Costa Hawkins.

I think they should go the opposite direction and undo their overly restrictive regulations. We need a smart and bold candidate, do what Trump has done and win the mayor’s office in an unconventional way.

SF needs an outsider to be the mayor, not these political puppy cute little dogs. SF needs a German Shepherd, not a little cute Chihuahua.

SF is at the end of the Cul De Sac. It’s waiting for its leader. Will it wait for 100 years?


Like I said.Trump for mayor, Breed for president


Of course, weren’t we waiting for the NAACP to join the party???


That won’t help Breed…


What law did it violate? SF has reached the dead end of the cup de sac as I said. We need people to have meaningful discussions.


If you were Breed, wouldn’t you call off the dogs (NAACP)? I mean, from all polls, you are leading and all you need to do is put it into gear and pull away from Jane “Tenant 2.0” Kim who is fast approaching no? The race card could backfire…


London Breed is the best mayoral candidate.

Black population is only 6% of SF. Her supporters are free citizens and they can do whatever they please to express their feelings.

If someone wants to play race card, Asian is the largest group. I’m curious why no politicians play the Asian card.

Not a fan of identify politics. But Asian voters are a the gold mine for politicians. It’s just odd that no one is spending time to mine the Asian voters


SF is 36% Asian, 22% Chinese. That’s a gold mine for any politicians


I think Kim just assumes she will get the Asian vote…A lot of voters don’t do their research…She could win with just her name…


That’s the biggest risk of this election. If 36% of the voters choose Kim based on her Asian identity, SF will be doomed.

SF is 42% white, 36% Asian, 15% Hispanic, 6% black. Black votes are not important in terms of numbers and they will go to Breed anyway.


Kim is widely despised among Chinese property owners. That’s why she lost to Wiener for the senate.


But many uninformed Asian voters might just randomly elect Kim based on name. They may have no idea about her policy.

A negative campaign against Kim is required. Otherwise many Asian voters might vote a person who will work against these voters relentlessly


Well, Lil Kim has always represented the low income folks, so a lot of the Tenderloin and Chinatown folks will go for her. Hopefully, the rest of the city who are moderate leaning will see that Jane is really not good for the city.


Kim’s name in itself is misleading to Asian voters. A negative campaign against Kim is required. Otherwise many Asian voters might vote a person who will work against these voters relentlessly.


Damn it, my local rag is giving Lil Kim too much airtime…


More Breed and Alioto news please. Have a ignore button for Kim :rofl:


Just saw Jane kim’s ad on Facebook. Be afraid.

SF has become so filthy precisely because of pols like Jane.


Jane Kim made it legal for homeless tents on the street. Now she wanted to make street cleaning a top priority as a mayor. What an irony.

We need mayors who will focus on more important issues. She made street filthy first to gain a few cheap votes; then she wants to make street clean to pick up a few other votes. Disaster is Kim.


London has to go on the offense, not necessarily smearing Jane, but she needs to remind voters why she is most fit for the job. All she has to do is remind everyone about her upbringing and her rise to prominence. That is a feel good story that anyone can appreciate. She was doing a great job before she was ousted. Why shouldn’t she have the job back?