The new SF Mayor



Crazy Kim is anti-Police and pro homelessness. Why are some Asian politicians so crazy? Total lack of common sense.

Breed and Alioto respect and embrace the police force. That’s common sense.

We need people who have a common sense. Those without a common sense don’t belong to San Francisco, they belong to the crazyland.


Alioto is against high density. A nimby stuck in the 1950s . She is a dinosaur


All female candidates? Where are the males? Nowadays, women prefer homeless to muscle men?


San Francisco is crazyland. :smile:


Uh oh, Kimgate!!!


Kim is against police. When she became the victim of crime, what is she going to do?


Break out her martial arts skillzzzzzz!!!



Sorry, Jane… nice try though


Kim is disgusting. She’s all about getting cheap public it and wasting public resources. Such behavior should be punished.

A bad activist who always want to circumvent the normal budgeting process. She constantly tries to break rules and is the same bad apple as Chris Daly.

“I don’t see why we can’t wait for, literally, a month or two,” said Supervisor Katy Tang, who voiced opposition to Kim’s proposal since it aims to bypass the normal budget approval process that is scheduled to get underway over the next two months.
Such a move would “circumvent the budget process,” said Supervisor Malia Cohen, chair of the board’s budget committee. “That’s kind of a haphazard, piecemeal approach to how we are dealing with our budget process.”"


Come on, London, I don’t think the 2nd BART tube is so high on Fab 7x7 residents…



Without tech, SF would be more similar to Detroit than NYC. There’s a reason Detroit residents scored the highest in a survey of if they’d welcome Amazon to the city.


Well, SF is a tourist town too remember (as opposed to Detroit)? Our convention and tourist industry commands a significant part of the economy. Hence why we need to clean up (literally) our streets around the business and downtown areas. Can’t have a negative reputation for too long or people will really go to places like Vegas for conventions.


Detroit with good weather. Well Oakland maybe


Tourism is about 13% of the economy, so it helps. It’s not going to carry the city though.


They can go to San Jose. Closer than Vegas… lol


Oh no, two words: Jean Quan



London Breed, an outstanding listener to the people.

Kim and Leno are dictators like Putin/Trump/Kim/Castro. They want to impose millions of strict regulations upon the people in order to benefit their small personal Dream. Disasters at the hurricane scale.

“One candidate stands out for both her commitment to address the concerns she shares with her opponents and her willingness to listen to competing arguments and come up with adjustments that achieve a progressive ideal in a more workable and reasonable manner. This sensibility is one of the most important attributes in a mayor, and the candidate who most demonstrates it is London Breed, president of the Board of Supervisors.”