The new SF Mayor


London Breed for Mayor!

Other candidates are dumb and wanted to use city regulations alone to solve the housing crisis. But the housing crisis was caused by city regulation alone.

“Among the top four candidates, Breed has been most pronounced in acknowledging that the affordable housing problem is not going to be cured by City Hall mandates alone. She is willing to say out loud that San Francisco has a housing shortage at all levels, as it undeniably does.”


Exactly. Build enough new Class A and the older class A becomes B. Then the older B becomes C etc. It’s insane to expect brand new construction with all the fees to be affordable. Build for the high end and force everything else to slide down a level.



Saw a sign in front of a Korean restaurant today that read “Jane Kim for Mayor”. I thought of you @BAGB :smile:


Who knows. Maybe Kim will confiscate the Korean restaurant to benefit Chinese voters since Korean voters in SF is powerless. At least she can create a new law to chage a Kimchi tax. Just wait for a government research to show Kimchi increases cancer risk to poor people.

That Korean restaurant would cry for centuries afterwards.


Got a call from kim’s people. The caller spoke Chinese and said Jane has done a lot for the Chinese people and she will help “property owner like me” by reducing property tax. Really???

Jane wants the job real bad. She’s probably gonna get it. Time to sell your properties folks.


Set an example and sell yours first.


She’ll eliminate your property tax by taking away all the property you own. :slight_smile:


Really? My very logical response received only 1 like and this outrageous response received 2!


That’s how Trump won.


Monitor the likes.
Some like witty comments.
Some like serious dissertation.
Some like when they agree with you.
Some like when you provide them with useful info/ data/ stats.

Like is a reflection of that person who like your post.


Why copy his method if you disagreed with his ways? :smile:


Acting mayor Mark Ferrell is clearing the homeless tents, which was legalized by the homeless Kim.

Acting mayors might be able to do more than a real mayor who worries about re-election.


Kim is too late to reverse her positions. Who would believe that?

Elect London Breed and let Kim retire in North Korea. She could be a well qualified communist leader who can aid the real Kim


It’s funny you think that’s outrageous and isn’t the plan of the far left. If it was up to them, the government would own everything, decide who lives where, and how much their rent is. The self-proclaimed geniuses in government would master plan everything.


You made it sound worse than the novel 1984 or China back in the 60s.


It’s not just the “far left” taking away people’s property rights. What about the rich people in Palo Alto who won’t let you touch your Eichler house? Or NIMBY’s who won’t let you build on your vacant land?


Those rich people in Palo Alto and those NIMBYs are all liberals, Democrats. Not sure whether they are medium left or far left.

Far left exists because there are many many moderate left.


Jane Kim is a huge size of joke.

Heard that she refused to meet with landlord group, but she’s proposing to make new regulations to protect landlord and reduce property tax. It’s apparently a trick to add bullet points to get property owner’s vote.

Do you think Jane Kim is a bigger joke than Kim Jong En in North Korea?


Both are very manipulative. Wait until Jane Kim becomes mayor and burn our property rights to the ground… :scream: