The new SF Mayor


Ok. May need to sell and move out of SF after all. :cry:





I concur…

Ranked Choice Voting brought Oaklanders Jean Quan, remember???


Ok I read up about this guy Mark Leno. Apparently he has been an LGBT freedom fighter his entire life. He will get all the votes from that community.


Just hope for those who can’t stand extreme liberalism in SF , they don’t move to other cities, then still vote the same and ruin the other cities.


From all reports, it sounds like the problem of NOT VOTING has reared its ugly head again. Come on!!!


If people are lazy and don’t want to read the pamphlet to vote, not a problem. Any time the measure asks for money just vote no.


That’s my rule of thumb. I’ve yet to see a government project that delivers its promises on budget. Seattle raised a bunch of money to make bicycle lanes. They said it would cost $860,000/mile. They actually averaging $12,000,000/mile. That’s so horribly inaccurate its infuriating. $12,000,000/mile bike lanes never would have passed.

I’m glad I didn’t buy a home based on light rail expansion. It was supposed to open this year. Now it’s pushed back to 2021. The areas near it have been some of the hottest real estate. Now people won’t have light rail when they expected.


I project that London Breed beat Leno to become the SF mayor. Cheers!

Mail in voters are generally busier. Busy people tend to vote for moderates. London will win from the busy voters who voted by mail.

People who have no job and only vote onsite may prefer Uber liberals. So With such a tiny lead from non-busy voters, Leno will lose and London will win.

Don’t sell the house before the final result comes in.

At least, the annoying and frightening Kim is gone. This annoying and frightening Kim has a pact with Leno to ask their supporters to choose each other as second choice. What a disgusting trick! And why the moderates are not doing this? Unfair competition.

It seems that moderate Democrats and republicans share the same problem, they don’t work together to support each other. They rather fight with each other to leave the opportunity to Leftists.

And why are leftists usually better at grouping together?

Cox and Travis fight hard to help with a all democratic governor race. If Trump did not endorse Cox, I think governor race would be an all democratic race.

Are leftists smarter Or what?


As if anyone can complete the selling process in a day…

Cox is kissing up to Trump now that he received his endorsement. What a loser.


I voted for cox.

My general rule of thumb is vote for D’s for federal seats and R’s for city and local. Most local Dems, especially the self described progressives are too cuckoo crazy.


Oh my. Did you change your position on local issues in the last 12 months? I did not expect you to vote for Cox.

And was rent control the last straw to break your liberal belief?

As I said, leftists in California are driving other liberals to the right.

Maybe in a few years, you’ll register as a Republican. Lol


Cox did not vote for Trump. Travis was a vocal Trump supporter. Why did Trump endorse Cox instead?


I didn’t change much in the last few years. If Brown runs again I’d vote for him. I can’t stand that phoney Newsom. Never trust a guy with slick hair like his.


But Newsom will become the governor most likely.

My biggest worry is about SF mayor at this point. Hope my projection is correct.


Newsom will do to California what he did to his campaign managers wife.




Yep. Didn’t vote for him. Can’t stand his ethics/morals


I have met him and Jerry Brown . Newsom is a lightweight party playboy. Protege of the Getty’s


I voted for Newsom, but only because I wanted to return a favor as he extended a health program to young adults when he was mayor which benefited me while I was in college.