The new SF Mayor



One has to ask, take back from who?


Take back from blood sucking landlords like you and give back to the exploited masses aka the homeless and the rent-controlled tenants.


:scream: :scream: :scream: :poop: :poop: :poop: :syringe: :syringe: :syringe:


Jane Kim is the enemy of the SF people. She wants to take SF away from the poeple, just like Kim took North Korea away from the poeple and put it under kim’s Family


I went to high school in SF. Is Kim going to give me my town back?


You want your town back? Why don’t you sell all your Tahoe properties and 1031 exchange them with SF properties?


Don’t sell Tahoe until you know who’ll be the mayor


The point is Kim’s constituency has no more right to their SF town than anyone else… I finally figured out why SF supervisors are so pathetic. They only make $110k per year. Less than most SV engineers starting salary. San Mateo county supervisors make $250k
Kim is desperate for the Mayors job… she needs the money…
Ed Lee is the tops — highest-paid mayor in California, that is. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s $297,387 salary last year was enough to make him the highest-paid mayor in California, according to data recently compiled by the state controller’s office.Jul 7, 2017


My point is that you should come back to your roots


Very happy in paradise. I love small town rural living. Can park anywhere but still have 200 restaurants 10 min from my house. In fact am negotiating on a rural property near Placerville where I can sit on 10 acres of solitude on weekends… will never move back to the BA


I don’t think I’ll ever move back to China either… :smile:


Big trouble Kim and Leno entered a mutual promotion pact. London Breed at risk!


Be afraid! :scream:


Why are you showing us a picture of two zombies?


I was reading the election pamphlet to prepare for my vote. There’s a short section on how ranked choice works. It really is not that complicated.

Idea is that you can put the person you really want to vote for at first choice without concerns that your vote will be “wasted”.

So I will put Ellen Zhou as first choice, and London Breed either 2nd or 3rd. Maybe 2nd because I don’t want to push my luck too hard…

Any thoughts?


I just filled out my ballet. I voted no on all regional and SF measures. The SF measures are particularly bad, reflecting the city’s dysfunction. Most ask for more money to fund activists’ pet projects. One even ask the city to fund a program to provide legal representation for all evicted tenants. Make sure to vote No on that one!


Where to vote? If it came in the mail I might have thrown it away :scream:


Did you register to vote by mail? You may need to call or go visit in person to get your ballot.

If you have moved, you might have forgotten to update your voter registration


I think I have… :thinking: