The new SF Mayor


I said that about 2 years ago. People said I was paranoid, and there’s no way it’d happen.


Join em. Be the government


Maybe a landlord revolution is coming. I hope it’s still allowed to sell your houses.


You never know. Sell before the commies take your house away.


I think London Breed will win. But Prop F is so bad that it might be better to sell


You are right. She caught up nicely today. Only 255 behind


Prop F means you will lose lots of money whenever you evict, even with obviously good reasons. Landlords have to pay for their own lawyers to fight city lawyers, who are funded by landlords’ tax dollars.


Give me a break :rofl:


In 2016, I predicted T would win while nobody believed. LA Times/USC had been predicting that all along.

Now I predict London will win and many people love it!

Hope London will win decisively, by 3-5%. So that the leftist liberals would give up and leave SF for Detroit.


The commies stole Berkeley 50 years ago and it has never recovered.


I need a double break :rofl:


Pretty hard to be liberal if you are a landlord. Especially when the government wants to steal all your equity and give money to people that make no effort to do anything except do drugs and shit in the street…


I think you more than made up for that getting free money from the government with your sec 8 tenants :slight_smile:


The average SF voter is an idiot. That’s why they keep electing Pelosi. Today, she literally down played low unemployment and said it’s just one measure. She said we should look at consumer confidence too. I guess no one told her that’s at an 18 year high. Dems are dead in November if they think attack Trump on the economy will win them points.


No section 8 for me.


With an additional 32,194 mail-in ballots having now been tallied and added to the Election Day count, which, in total, now accounts for 186,484 (38.69 percent) of roughly 480,000 potential votes, Mark Leno’s lead over London Breed in San Francisco’s mayoral race has narrowed to 144 with an estimated 65,000 ballots remaining to be processed.


Bayview sucks no matter who’s in charge.


Breed was easily the most popular top choice.


Why is the count taking so long? This is pathetic.


The hi tech capitol of the US and they are using homeless people to hand count the ballots…lol