The new SF Mayor


San Francisco Supervisor London Breed pulled ahead of former state Sen. Mark Leno on Saturday by just 498 votes in the race to become the city’s next mayor, according to the latest round of preliminary election results.

Ranked choice is such bullshit! :rage:


I thought Breed was the best option.


Breed is not bad. Without ranked choice she would have won eons ago.



Breed will become the mayor. Now you guys can hold your property for another 10 years :joy:


Steadily increasing…




Congratulations to you guys! Also congratulations to London Breed!

Btw, my prediction has worked out nicely for London :joy:


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China is CINO: commies in name only.


China is CEO: capitalists in economy only.


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Cheapskate. I’ll share 50% with him if he can predict that.


Please supply me with quality and abundant data first


Are you charity Yoda? After taxes you will pocket nothing if you share 50% with @BAGB.


I guess he’ll share 50% pretax. I have no problem to give him a 50% allowance to pay taxes on my share


(Copied from manch) You think I’m dumb? Of course, post tax. Unsaid is always share profit, not revenue :slight_smile:


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It’s a headache to be generous, it’s also a headache to receive from a genarous man


I am not generous, is a business.


London Breed Elected San Francisco Mayor

Tech luminaries including investor Ron Conway, Twitter Inc. co-founder Ev Williams and former Yahoo! Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer had all backed Breed. She has been a proponent of building more housing to ease a real estate affordability crisis in the city, where the median house price hit $1.6 million in the first quarter.